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Something I found quite interesting when I visit China is that a lot of people think foreigners are automatically rich, and if you’re a Chinese expatriate people would think you’re loaded, too. When I am immersed in that environment sometimes I do feel I am wealthy and I tend to spend more money than I should. The exchange rate makes me feel rich in a mathematical manner, and I don’t calculate the prices to US dollars extremely accurately every time I buy something. As a coworker of mine says it, “it feels like I am spending monopoly money in China and I could buy so much more!”. Here are some of my stories about this phenomenon.

The first time I went back to China was in 1999. This was a full seven years after I left my home country and I was sixteen. I remember that my mom told me to not tell people that I am from America because they will try to rip me off. When we went back home we did some shopping, and we were buying quite a bit of stuff and the vendor was quite puzzled. She said to us, “you’re not Yangzhouese are you?” ( is the city I am from, the birthplace of Yangzhou/Yangchow fried rice). We both knew the merchant was an out of towner because she had an accent of another dialect. So my mom replied in fluent Yangzhouese, “can’t your tell by the way we speak that we’re really Yangzhouese? You’re the out of towner!” I thought it was funny that the way we spent money in our hometown marked us as tourists, and yet we had the essence of the locals because of our language.

The next time we went to China was 2006. China change so much in seven years and everything became much more expensive and the dollar has declined against the yuan, but this time we went with a tour group. We were inexperienced tourists and every time we were brought to a tourist trap shop we bought something. In Beijing my mom gave into sales pressure and bought a little statue for way more than it’s worth. She still blames us for letting her buy it today. I guess the problem is that this time they knew we were from America, and gave us the “special” high prices in the designated stores. The excitement of being back in China and having fun really got to us on that trip, and we went a bit overboard. Then again, I felt like I was supporting the economy of my homeland, and it wasn’t a bad thing.

The last time I went to China was shortly before I got married this year. My mother and I toured some of the most beautiful and remote places in China and I could write a lot more about this later. The people in these distant lands were so simple and beautiful and we bought a lot less things this time, but we were mostly happy with our finds. Then after the tour we went back home to Yangzhou and had dinner with friends and family. Of course my grandparents have told everyone how much money I make because they are proud of it. People were impressed because they always multiply the income by the exchange rate, and they don’t realize that we have fairly heavy income taxes and a high cost of living here. (in China there is still no income tax at this moment) It felt good to invite everyone to a very nice restaurant and pay for it out of my pocket because I am able to do it. Again, that feeling of being rich crept up.

It is dangerous to feel rich when you travel abroad to any country that has a currency that’s cheaper than the dollar because you can end up spending a lot and you will be noticed. It is better to lay low sometimes so you don’t get robbed or scammed. Additionally, I think what is worse is to feel superior to the people who have less than us. The next time I go back to China I will be with my hubby, and I will keep on reminding myself the reality of our life. We are not internet tycoons and we live a comfortable life, but we still need to be responsible with our money no matter which country we are in. It is so easy to get lost in the surreal surroundings of a foreign land and there is nothing wrong with having some fun, but just remember to count your blessings, and your spending.

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order viagra online without script

order viagra online without scripton 12.21.07 at 10:55 am

good article!

order viagra online without scripton 12.21.07 at 11:12 am

I just found your blog. I’m looking forward to reading about places you visited in China. I go to China quite a bit (just came back from a trip). But because of our tight work schedule I barely make it out of the city. I wish I had more time to travel around China.

I agree about the Chinese impression that foreigners are wealthy. I mean they take our gross income and multiply by three and put it in context of their cost of living. Little do they know, things cost a lot more here and taxes, unemployment insurance, and pensions take a chunk out of that.

order viagra online without scripton 12.21.07 at 5:57 pm

“It is so easy to get lost in the surreal surroundings of a foreign land and there is nothing wrong with having some fun, but just remember to count your blessings, and your spending.”

What? Borrrrrrring.

Here’s my policy when I visit my hometown: As long as I’m not buying something to snort up my nose, it’s all good.

order viagra online without scripton 12.22.07 at 1:24 pm

“in China there is still no income tax at this moment”

I think there is income tax in china, and it’s pretty high rate if you convert your income to Chinese currency.

order viagra online without scripton 12.24.07 at 8:51 am

[...] Returning to China and the Surreal and Dangerous Feeling of Being Wealthy @ The Bag Lady: When you’re in a foreign country, the currency exchange rate can make you feel like you’re spending “monopoly money”. Of course, feeling artificially flush depends on which way the exchange rate goes. [...]

order viagra online without scripton 12.24.07 at 9:53 am

[...] Returning to China and the Surreal and Dangerous Feeling of Being Wealthy [...]

order viagra online without scripton 12.24.07 at 10:24 am

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing! I plan to include your article in my weekly carnival review Friday.

Best Wishes,

order viagra online without scripton 12.24.07 at 10:36 am

yes, now it’s have income tax there. we have a office in Beijing. Some of our employees got charged 20 to 30% of their salaries as income taxes.

order viagra online without scripton 12.29.07 at 4:02 am

[...] Returning to China and the Surreal and Dangerous Feeling of Being Wealthy at The Bag [...]

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