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About fourteen years ago the term “Generation Y” was coined to describe people of . Recently my generation has started to enter the work place and I am reading a lot of articles about how hard it is for companies to manage and retain twenty-somethings like me. I would like to address what I have read in the media about my generation and work from my own experience.

enzyte viagra levitra — This is the number one thing hiring managers complain about Gen-Ys in the workplace. Basically they say that Gen-Ys want to be paid well and do not want to work their way up. Here is how I see it. If I have the same title as 50 year olds and I perform the same job, why shouldn’t I be compensated at the same rate? Why should I be paid lower if I can produce just as much quality work as people much older than me? So I don’t see asking for a good compensation package as a sense of entitlement, but as a sense of fairness. Recently a hiring manager told me that I am paid very well for a 24 year old and I am asking for a lot, but my answer to that is I am worth it and age shouldn’t matter in determining a salary. Additionally, it’s illegal to discriminate in hiring based on age. I did get an offer on that particular job but I turned it down. Another key thing companies have to realize is that years of experience do not equate to quality work.

enzyte viagra levitra — Research states that Gen-Ys have a lot less respect for authority than previous generations. I don’t think this is true at all. I have a lot of respect for my highly intelligent and sensible managers, but I am not afraid to tell a person higher up that I think they’re wrong and suggest something different. I think most of my peers are the same. We have respect for those who deserve our respect, but when we encounter stupidity we will question it. The worst thing that can happen is that we get a new job. I think a lot of older managers are not used to this type of questioning from their subordinates and conflicts arise when they’re stubborn and want young people like me to follow directions to the tee. Basically, if a boss wants the best out of me he/she has to be at his or her best as well. Respect has to be earned and not taken for granted and abused. So I would say it’s closer to the truth that we have no fear of authority, but we do respect our supervisors if they are good coworkers.

enzyte viagra levitra– Another big complaint of companies is that Gen-Ys switch jobs much more often than their predecessors. The reason for that is companies aren’t loyal to their employees anymore. I am young, but I am not stupid. I’ve seen how corporations lay off thousands of people in a blink of an eye for their own bottom line. Most hiring agreements are at-will and if companies are all about their own individual profit there is no incentive for me to stick around if there is a better opportunity. With the cutting of pension plans and benefits there is very little incentive for Gen-Ys to become “lifers” at a company.

enzyte viagra levitra — This is a paradigm that isn’t practiced very much by older generations. I think a lot of people of my parents’ generation realize that work shouldn’t be the most important thing in life, but still work so much that they don’t spend time with their families. As children of these workaholics Gen-Ys want flexible working schedules and more time off because they want time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Of course, this behavior is considered lazy and demanding by a lot of traditional workplaces. I think the growing popularity of telecommuting and flexible work hours is a change for the better and our older coworkers could benefit from it if they choose to.

enzyte viagra levitra — I think most of us want to be treated as equals by older coworkers. I can see why people would be resentful when they’re being managed by those who are half their age when they feel more experienced and skillful. Heck, I have experienced a bit of this resentment when I interviewed older people. When there is a huge disparity in age in the workplace the older workers greatly underestimate the ability of the younger workers. I think everyone needs to just take age out of the equation and objectively examine the quality of work of each person. Otherwise, underestimating the ability of anyone based on their age is discrimination.

With that said, I am constantly learning from those around me regardless of age. I just think there are quite a lot of misconceptions thrown in the media about twenty-somethings. We are not lazy, and we don’t have an easy and coddled life. In fact, we’re facing lower pay, less social benefits, and higher costs so corporate America really can’t blame us for constantly searching for a better life. I think a lot of readers of this blog are young professionals like me and would agree with my observations, but I would like to hear about what you consider as a misconception about our generation. Also to my older readers, what irks you the most about twenty-somethings in your workplace?

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enzyte viagra levitra

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.28.07 at 3:07 am

Depending on the definition, I think I could be Generation X, Y, or (X+Y) / 2.

In any case, from what I recall, the stereotype of not respecting authority applied to Generation X. Generation Y is supposed to be overly dependent on teamwork.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.28.07 at 8:40 am

Very nice. I agree! We have it all right and those old folks are wrong! Sure, they would say the same thing on their blogs (if they knew what blogs were), but I do think we are on to something. :)

I saw this behavior in my parents- loyalty to a company that never really treated them well and I just don’t get it. If my employer won’t give me a fair deal than I’ll go find one that will. It’s not like they wouldn’t cut me at the drop of a hat to save a dime and increase the stock price by a penny.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.28.07 at 10:06 am

hmm I think you’re an Y Alex. I think everyone born in the 80s are gen-ys.

FinanceAndFat — I never understand why people stay at a company that is obviously treating them like crap. My hubby and I have both met people that we felt were too good for the place they were in, but they are still there because they’ve been there for so many years and they are almost afraid to leave.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.28.07 at 1:04 pm

This reeks of sense of entitlement. At 24 you can not have as much experience as someone who has been doing a job for 10 or 20 years. You will see, when you are older and 20 year olds come in and think they know more than you, just wait you will see.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.28.07 at 2:25 pm

I am not saying that I have as much experience as older people. I am saying if I am doing the same job I should be paid reasonably the same. For example, if two people work at McDonalds and they’re both performing the job of cashier, then should the 60 year old get paid 2 to 3 times as the 20 year old? Is it fair to compensate the older person more just because they have done the same job for longer? I think compensation should be purely merit based and not depend on age. I don’t understand why people quitely accept the fact that younger people should be paid less while we’re generally up in arms about women and minorities being paid less.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.29.07 at 6:31 pm


Just because someone’s been doing something “longer” doesn’t mean they’re doing it “better.” Some of them have been doing it “longer,” but not “better.” Incidentally, from doing some interviewing for my employer, I’ve met some “Business Intelligence Engineers” with 5+ years of experience that supposedly work with databases all day, don’t necessarily know either (a) how to code or (b) how to write efficient SQL. (strange union query with aggregates instead of a simple outer join?)

That being said, I realize I don’t know everything, but I expect some learning to go both ways.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.30.07 at 10:35 pm

I agree with qmc. Age may, but does not necessarily, confer experience. There are definitely people who have been in the software industry for a long time and who are very experienced and whom I respect greatly.

But then there are those who make be wonder, “How did you ever get this job?” I knew one guy who had been a programmer for years, but didn’t know DeMorgan’s Law. Several times he made changes to someone else’s code by pushing the NOTs into or pulling them out of a boolean expression without changing the ANDs to ORs and vice versa. What motivated him to make those changes I do not know; perhaps, he just didn’t like the way it looked. The first time he made that error, I dismissed it as a momentary lapse; but after seeing him make the same error multiple times, I realized that he didn’t know what he was doing. I tried explaining DeMorgan’s Law to him, but he wouldn’t listen. He tried to determine whether the code after his changes was logically equivalent to the original code by testing different cases in his head in an ad hoc fashion. I stared at him nonplussed; it was like watching an accountant try to add without knowing how to carry. Somehow he managed to survive many years as a programmer without knowing the basic tools of his trade.

Then, there was an incident with another coworker at Oracle OpenWorld; I’m not sure which story is more damning. We were given a free pass to OpenWorld as Oracle employees. For a couple of hours, we were allowed to walk around and tour the booths. At one booth, there was a slightly anthropomorphic robot. It would roll up to people and ask, “What is your name?” If you ignored it, it would ask, “What is your name?” over and over gain. So at first, I thought it was stuck in an infinite loop. But then, it said, “HEY YOU! What’s your name?” After a few minutes’ conversation, it became apparent (at least to me, and I think, to most of the audience) that there was a man behind the machine. It could recognize that a California state driver’s license was upside down and could recognize that a set of car keys had the Honda logo. Someone asked it to compute the square root of 3; it initially could not do it, but later it responded with an answer, after, I assume, the human operator plugged it into a calculator. I asked it what would happen if I put it inside a Faraday cage. It didn’t know what that was at first, but later it responded with a definition that the human operator probably found with Google. In any case, as we walked away from the booth, my coworker said to me, with all sincerity, “Technology these days is really amazing. I had not imagined that they could build a robot like that.” I stared at him incredulously and thought, “How can you be a programmer for so many years and remain ignorant of the state of our art? There is no way that AI is that advanced.”

I do not know how some people managed to get by for so many years and remain so ignorant. Perhaps, it is an after-effect of the boom, when many people were hired indiscriminately without having their qualifications rigorously checked.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.30.07 at 10:47 pm

LOL, Alex that’s hilarious. It’s funnier than the people who had 8 years of experience and responded “ping B” to my question of finding lines that start with the letter B.

enzyte viagra levitraon 12.01.07 at 9:36 pm

You make a compelling argument for the Y’ers.

I am an X’er, and work in a company which has a lot of great Y’ers. The bosses are of course, X’ers. The Y’ers are leaving one by one.

It seems to me that the basic problem is a lack of understanding the switch that turns on the Y’ers.

Points that you made on “life is not just work”, “talking back if you feel something is right”, ring so true.

I hope my bosses read this.

enzyte viagra levitraon 12.11.07 at 2:16 pm

Interesting post! I’m a Gen-X gal, and it was this line that I think defines so many Gen-Y’s

Respect has to be earned

I was raised to respect everyone until they give you a reason not to. Having to earn a Gen-Y’s respect may not be a high priority for a lot of people, which may be why there’s so much conflict between the generations at work.

That said, the rest of the post is food for thought for me, especially the loyalty to the company that doesn’t care about you…

enzyte viagra levitraon 12.13.07 at 2:31 am

[...] 原文: Talking About My Generation — Generation Y in the Workplace [...]

enzyte viagra levitraon 12.14.07 at 9:10 am

[...] The Baglady has collected over 450 reader comments and there are some comments that are so entertaining and thoughtful that I have to share them in case you missed them. So today I shall highlight some comments from my article about my generation in the workplace. [...]

enzyte viagra levitraon 01.01.08 at 7:10 am

[...] baglady presents Talking About My Generation — Generation Y in the Workplace posted at [...]

enzyte viagra levitraon 01.05.08 at 3:21 pm

Ditto x a million, especially the company loyalty business. If they’re not willing to compromise and/or offer incentives to keep our skills and experience, then they can’t complain when we find a company that will.

enzyte viagra levitraon 05.13.08 at 12:11 am

Do you have 20 years of experience or one year of experience repeated 20 times?

I agree to a certain extent that compensation should be merit based and not tenure-based. However, some of that merit comes from experience.

I’ve worked with people of all ages. I’ve worked with some really bad older employees and some great younger employees.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.21.09 at 9:47 am

I think you’re all missing one key element to the age/pay/experience equation. If a 24-year-old comes into a company and starts doing the same (or similar) job as someone who has been with that company for 10 years s/he should not expect to start out making the same amount as the person who’s been with the company longer. Pay is not necessarily tenure based, but it IS often merit based, and if the 24-year-old does a consistently better job over the course of ten years with the company s/he should (deservedly) make more at the same point in his/her career.

Think of it this way: both are trees of the same species growing in the same forest. The 34-year-old will be taller and have more canopy spread than the 24-year-old.

It’s not UNfair to the 24-year-old…it would, in fact, be unfair to the 34-year-old who has demonstrated commitment (note: not necessarily loyalty) over time to the company if the untested new employee gets compensated at the same rate.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.22.09 at 7:33 am

Lippy, sorry, but you’re wrong on your point.

It’s all about results. If I’m capable, at 25, of doing more (because I studied more, or do more research, or I’m simply smarter) than a 35, than that’s sure that I have to be paid more. There is just one measure and it is: results. Of course, it must be comprehensible: I have to generate better results, be a better co-worker, be a better team-player and even a better leader.

If, at 25 I’m better than someone at 35, YES I have to be paid more.

enzyte viagra levitraon 11.24.09 at 11:33 am


Your point about results is accurate; however, the gist of my comment was that there’s no reason for a new employee to start the same job at the same level of pay as someone who has 10 years of seniority doing that same job. The 10-year veteran has 10 years of results under his/her belt; the new employee hasn’t stood the test of time. It seems that your understanding of management and human resources is underdeveloped. Best of luck to you in your developing career.

enzyte viagra levitraon 02.17.10 at 5:48 am

Gen Y’s attitude reeks of self entitlement! Their abusive behavior towards me in the workplace is not acceptable to me, as a Gen Xer and fellow employee. Sorry but you need to be put in your places, something your parents didn’t do.

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