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order cialis overnight delivery Jobverbs 31:10

I am a big fan of the Fortune columnist and I’ve been reading his column for a very long time. He happens to have written a book called and there is a companion site here with . So I haven’t read the book yet but I’d like to write down some types of crazy bosses I have observed.

order cialis overnight delivery — This is the type of crazy boss that thinks he is king of the world. They are always right and they would bite someone’s head off if they want to. Most of the time they are CEOs because there is almost no consequence to their actions in a company. A CEO is technically the king of his/her own empire. The Tyrants are usually fairly clear headed when they get angry and know what they are yelling for. So generally they’re not logically insane, but they are definitely explosively tempered. I am quite familiar with such a personality.

order cialis overnight delivery — I think most of these are mid-level managers without too many real skills. They are paranoid because they are afraid they can be downsized at any moment. The paranoia makes them delusional and they start to blame their underlings for anything that goes wrong whether or not the event is their fault. Paranoid delusionals are harder to deal with than Tyrants because they don’t understand reason. Paranoid delusionals can also be a little bipolar and treat you really nicely one day and put you in the dog house the next. This type of crazy boss is probably the most difficult to deal with and could drive you insane, too.

order cialis overnight delivery — These guys don’t really care about work and would gladly have a beer bash every day. It might seem awesome to have one of them as a boss at first, but eventually you realize something is not quite right. What is worse is that you may become a slacker like your boss and lose all motivation towards an honest day’s work. The Partiers are also more likely to pull stunts like making you cover for them because they’re drunk. I would say I haven’t really met a true party boss yet. Though, there are a couple that came close.

order cialis overnight delivery — These guys are direct opposites to the Party Animals. They are willing to work their team to the bone for their own sense of accomplishment. Usually their underlings are quite unhappy and these crazy bosses LOVE to take credit for any good that comes out of his or her slave driving. These bosses tend to make their people leave quite quickly. I think these crazies are quite common and it’s quite easy to recognize them when you start getting calls on the weekends to go into the office when you don’t even get overtime pay.

order cialis overnight delivery– These are bosses with substance abuse or gambling problems. They are obviously sick and need help, but they are still functional enough to hold onto a job. Before they fall to their ultimate demise they may regularly assert their power and borrow money from their work flunkies and not return it. I have already seen two cases of these crazies and in both cases they were fired. The best thing for a victim to do is to report such behavior as soon as possible and get the crazy boss fired. Unfortunately a lot of people are afraid of their bosses and a lot of times these addicts are quite manipulative and lie as easily as they breathe.

order cialis overnight delivery — These bosses may seem extremely normal and actually get you to work with praises and compliments. Then when review time comes and you’re due for a raise you don’t get it. Then they give a lot of excuses as to why you’re not getting a raise but still pay you with compliments and possibly a free lunch. Then behind your back they wipe their brow and think to themselves, “I just suckered that guy out of a $4000 raise with a seven dollar lunch”. It’s hard to spot this type of crazy, and that is because they’re deviously smart and manipulative.

order cialis overnight delivery — Personally I haven’t met one of these, but I have heard many many stories of these crazies. They are the reason why you may have had to sit through a sexual harassment training seminar. Many companies now also have rules on whether or not a supervisor could ask his or her direct employee out to drinks after work. Once again, these bosses can be reported, but usually it’s harder to prove that your boss sexually harassed you than proving that your boss is an addict. It would be good to save emails or tape recordings in case you meet a crazy like this.

Fortunately, I have not had any of these personalities as my direct supervisor, but I have definitely interacted with some of these crazy bosses. If you have had a crazy manager, how would you dissect his or her personality?

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order cialis overnight delivery

order cialis overnight deliveryon 10.19.07 at 3:03 pm

My first boss out of college was #1, the tyrant. He was a nightmare to work for. I stayed for 9 months and I was one of the longest-term employees in the department. He wasn’t the CEO but the head of IT. Even the CEO was afraid of him. After I moved on, they shut down the whole IT department to get rid of him and contracted out to a software company. I’ve also worked for an over-compensator, but I’d take her any day over the tyrant. Now I work for myself, which is my favorite boss so far.

order cialis overnight deliveryon 10.22.07 at 12:49 pm

[...] Look how men’s and women’s magazines write about money Deteriorating lending standards The Anatomy of Crazy Bosses Software Programming and the Economics of Trust vs. Transactions If The Stock Market Sell Off Makes [...]

order cialis overnight deliveryon 11.02.07 at 10:35 pm

[...] or Treat Contest Edition at Millionaire Mommy Next Door. My article in this carnival showcases the strange and crazy bosses I have [...]

order cialis overnight deliveryon 02.26.08 at 1:27 am

I recognized my boss was “The Addict” a few years ago and decided to hang in until she inevitably self-destructed. Cut to last month, when the eviction notice came and she told us we’d be out of work by the end of the week. I offered to buy the equipment and customer lists for 20% of what they were worth, and she being desperate sold everything to me cash. Good riddance to bad habits and hello new company of my own!

order cialis overnight deliveryon 03.29.08 at 11:34 pm

[...] 4. Qwest in Colorado tells employees to pee in plastic bags – Apparently some supervisor didn’t like the long bathroom breaks his reports were taking. So he distributed urinal bags! Wow, that is really one crazy boss. [...]

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