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It’s 2 am, and my hubby is playing . He actually made me order three copies to make sure that he got one. One copy is for him and the other two copies are for his friends. Yup, I definitely contributed to raked in for the first day. Video games are entertainment items that we always purchase because the hubby feels like he has to support his industry, and he also enjoys having a collection of games that he can play at anytime. The video game industry have come a long way and is now quite mainstream. Some may say that it’s unfair that the media is comparing Halo 3′s revenues with the revenues of a book or movie because inherently games are more expensive than books and movies. However, I feel that most good games have more entertainment value per dollar than other forms of media, and I will list a few reasons here:

order online viagra– Most new video games cost from $30 to $60 and take a fairly long time to play through once. I have had games that I played for 100+ hours and so the cost breakdown is only 30 to 60 cents per hour. On the other hand a movie DVD costs anywhere from $5 to $20 to buy and only takes a couple hours to watch. Movie tickets are even worse because you can only see the movie once for $6 to $12. We could also compare games to musical media. Each compilation CD is about 60 to 70 minutes and sells for $5 to $20, and that works out to be much more than 60 cents per hour. Unless you’re a media pirate and get all your movies and music for free, then games are cheaper for the amount of entertainment you could receive.

order online viagra — Okay, not all games have a good replay value, but many games do. I find that I tend to replay games more than I re-watch movies or re-read books. Some games are designed so that they can be played over and over again. For example, on the is designed so that you play it everyday. Some games such as or the Sims are designed so that they don’t really end so that you can spend many many hours discovering new things in them. Music does have a lot of replay value and you can easily listen to a song hundreds of times, but music does not change and you will still be listening to the same song after 30 hours. However, you can play a game in different ways and make different choices when you go through it again. Additionally, in some games your skills improve as you play it more so it becomes even more fun.

order online viagra — Movies and books are not very social forms of entertainment. Generally you watch a movie or read a book and do not talk to your friends until after it is finished. The social element of going out to movies is more in the gathering involving food and drinks either before or after the movie. The dine and wine part costs even more money than just the movie ticket. With the networking of all the new gaming platforms games have become much more social than before. With an internet connection, friends could adventure together in games like , or battle against each other in Team Fortress 2. When people bring together their consoles or computers to play they also have a bonding experience that tends to be stronger than just sitting around watching a movie.

order online viagra — Compared to other forms of media, games are the most interactive form of entertainment. You could yell all you want at a person in a movie to do something but they probably won’t obey you at all. In a game you can direct a character to climb walls, plant trees, or dance around. The possibilities are endless. It’s quite easy to fall asleep during passive entertainment such as movies because they do not require any input, but unless a game is extremely bad or you’re overly exhausted then it’s quite difficult to pass out during a game.

order online viagra– Games are certainly expensive, but one good game can occupy all of a person’s time. Before the hubby and I started dating he was playing . Since he only played that game, he didn’t buy any other games and any other form of entertainment. He paid the subscription fee which was under $20 a month. Then he quit cold turkey because he said he wanted to play other games, and the monthly entertainment expenditures went up quite a bit. There are many games that people play full time, and some of these people make their livings playing and selling virtual items. is a prime example of a game that promotes real money trade. The game has a real exchange rate between the US dollar and the virtual currency called the Linden and players of Second Life have created a multitude of virtual shops and products within the game. The issue of real money trade in games is fairly controversial because many gamers think that it ruins the gaming experience. Many games are now filled with “gold farmers” that only play for money. The point is that people do make money from just playing. It’s probably not healthy to be addicted to one game, but it really cuts down on the entertainment spending.

In my opinion, video games definitely gives you more entertainment bang for the buck. I admit that I am a little biased because my hubby is a gamer and a game developer, but I buy games because I think they’re worth my money. The hubby and many others like him put a lot of effort into crafting hours of fun for the masses. Game developers are often underpaid and I agree with the hubby that we should support them by buying games.

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order online viagra

order online viagraon 09.27.07 at 1:45 pm

Having just purchased an Xbox 360, I agree wholeheartedly. I just don’t have enough hours in my day, though, to work at my day job, blog, see the few television progams I enjoy, play baseball or golf on the Xbox, get real exercise, sleep, and spend time with people who are important to me. Oh, and cook and eat. Let me know if you have a method of adding more hours into the day.

order online viagraon 09.27.07 at 1:59 pm

Hihis Flexo,

My hubby’s solution to this problem is to sleep less, though that is very unhealthy. He sort of has a permanent sleepy look.

order online viagraon 09.27.07 at 3:38 pm

Hi there. It’s your ex-b/f’s friend again. I started reading other posts you had, after reading the one he sent me to. btw I tell him all the time he’s never going to find another g/f if he keeps up his cheap ways and that he was lucky to have had you for so long. *wonder if he reads your comments* oh well.

My current b/f pre-order halo3 without even owning an 360. Which I find funny. He’s hoping to get the system soon. boys and video games… I thought I liked them (video games that is) but really boys out do me all the time.

I hope your hubby gets some sleep soon. ^_^

order online viagraon 09.28.07 at 1:58 am

Good job, Baglady,a comment from Gail regarding your blog:

Oh, Jian, that is priceless! She really has a great talent at writing, story-telling, and humor. I’ll be checking in with “bag lady” regularly from now on. I sent her website to Robyn, Tyler, and my sister.

order online viagraon 10.02.07 at 4:32 am

[...] baglady presents Why Games Have More Entertainment Value for Your Money than Other Media posted at The [...]

order online viagraon 10.02.07 at 8:47 am

I agree that video games provide more value than most other common forms of entertainment. Whenever my husband–a gamer himself–wants to go out to see a new release movie on a Friday night, I cringe a bit and mentally go through the list of $20 Greatest Hits video games I could buy and enjoy for at least a month for less than it would cost the two of us to see a forgettable, mediocre Hollywood timewaster plus refreshments, assuming I don’t sneak some into the theater as usual.

The main negative I see to video games however, is that for a lot of people, they are so addictive that they prevent otherwise bright and inquisitive minds from DOING anything productive–I’m talking about finances, careers, physical activity, and face-to-face socializing.

I’m a game developer, too, and frankly, I rarely play any games not out for the portable Nintendo DS because I cannot afford to plant my butt on a couch or computer chair for the few hours of free time I possess each day because I would get NOTHING else done. The DS can be played at the gym while I am pedaling away at a recumbent bike at least. Those other consoles require 100% focus, and MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, due to the amount of boring travel time needed to get from one zone to the next encourage already sedentary individuals to snack or just straight up spend hours more or less pressing one button down on a keyboard and watching their characters RUN.

The time spent on gaming too often comes at the expense of major real life goals and achievements.

Even though I make my living in the game industry, I think most gamers would do better spending less time leveling their virtual avatars up in a phony world and more time leveling THEMSELVES up physically and financially in real life.

order online viagraon 10.02.07 at 11:44 am

[...] Festival of Frugality #94 at My Two Dollars — I wrote about video games in this edition of the festival. It’s really the only big entertainment expense the hubby and [...]

order online viagraon 10.03.07 at 7:10 am

[...] Why Games Have More Entertainment Value for Your Money than Other Media @ Bag Lady (we have the same husband, LOL!). [...]

order online viagraon 10.05.07 at 5:16 am

[...] gives a few reasons why video games have the most entertainment bang for your buck. Although games are fun, I’d say spending $1 for 2 hours of a good movie from Redbox is a [...]

order online viagraon 10.13.07 at 5:32 am

Whilst I don’t disagree with any of the points made above I think they kind of ignore the quality of entertainment. It’s kind of like arguing that masses of cheap dull food is better than a small amount of expensive brilliant food simply because it provides more calories. And in the end, if your goal is simply to fill time as cheaply as possible surely you’d be better off with a book (second hand under $1 for potentially weeks of to notch entertainment), and whilst they’re not interactive novels regularly have an emotional depth and complexity totally unseen in video games.

order online viagraon 05.03.08 at 10:36 am

Absolutely love the information about the video games. All of us who are gamers probably know what a good value they are, but it’s nice for non-gamers to hear that, and possibly consider gaming. Growing up as video gamers, my husband and I now pass that love onto our kids. You can find really cheap games on-line and read reviews before you buy them. Plus, on another frugal note, our library system has several games for various platforms that can be borrowed absolutely free!! So folks, check your library! You’d be surprised what they have!

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