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cialis tadalafil tablets

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cialis tadalafil tablets

Before I start this post I’d like to tell all of you that I secured my exboyfriend’s permission to write this article about a month ago. He is an intelligent and capable guy, but he might be a little too penny-pinching for his own good. The first time I wrote a story about his tight-fisted behavior I didn’t tell him about it and entered it into Suave’s America’s Smartest Shopper Essay Contest under his name. It was a silly joke, but ironically the entry was selected as a finalist and he won $200 in cash and was invited to audition for a TV show on the Style Network about the longest yard sale. I had to let him cash the check, but in return he bought me a full tank of gas and dinner for my parents. All of that didn’t add up to $200, though, but I guess it is the thought that counts. I’ve forgotten what exactly I wrote in that story, but here are some possibilities.

cialis tadalafil tabletscialis tadalafil tablets cialis tadalafil tablets– This behavior is understandable if he were 16, but he is now 26 years old with a well paying full time job as a mid-level software engineer at a fairly large defense firm. He says that he serves as his parents’ marriage counselor, system administrator, and financial adviser so that he doesn’t have to pay his parents anything. Therefore, he has zero living expenses.

cialis tadalafil tablets — This is a benefit from his employer. He has something called the “Ecopass” and he can take the bus and train for free in Santa Clara county. It would be a lot more convenient for him to drive to work, but he saves a lot of gas money by using his free bus pass. On the weekends he can just borrow his parents’ car and this way he has no automobile expenses.

cialis tadalafil tablets — Our best dates were the company parties, because all the food and refreshments were free. There were also a lot of free movie tickets that we won from sweepstakes. There was also a very cheap Cinelux theatre in Milpitas that sold $1.50 tickets on Tuesdays, and we went to that fairly often. The theatre has been closed for a couple years now, but it was possibly the cheapest theatre in the Bay Area while it stood. I didn’t really mind having cheap and free dates because I am pretty frugal myself, but I imagine a lot of other girls would have objected to all the dates being free or under five dollars.

cialis tadalafil tablets– For as long as  I knew him his dinner diet consisted almost entirely of 25 cent spaghetti and 79 cent spaghetti sauce. He was quite proud of it too, and said that he would only buy spaghetti when it’s 25 cents, and he would stock up whenever he sees it. Sometimes he also brought some porkchops that his dad made for him and added it to the spaghetti. Once I went to Longs Drugs with him to procure some of that cheap spaghetti and they ran out, and he said that his mom would usually ask for a raincheck in that situation and buy the spaghetti later. Lately I asked him if he were still eating the 25 cent spaghetti, and he said, “no, 25 cent spaghetti is hard to come by now, the best I can get is 50 cents”.

cialis tadalafil tablets — He would usually do #1 in his toilet 4 to 5 times before flushing and by then his toilet usually looks like a yellow bubbling cauldron. When I asked him why he did that he said it’s to save water. That is quite a weird dichotomy in him because he is very clean about his other living spaces and picks up every piece of hair and trash. He also cleans himself up pretty well, but he just doesn’t like to flush because according to him it wastes water.

cialis tadalafil tablets — Sometimes banks or credit card companies send you small checks of $15 or $20 and if you cash them you are enrolled in some credit monitoring system that charges a fee. Well, he cashed one of those and forgot to cancel the service, so he ended up with negative five dollars. He was pretty sad about that, but couldn’t do anything, but now he no longer falls prey to small free checks.

You’d never know that he was that parsimonious just by looking at him. He actually looks like a fine well groomed young man and he is currently attending Stanford for his masters and works at the same time because his company is picking up his education tab. Looking back, I am pretty glad that I broke up with him because if I married him I would have had no wedding and right now I would probably be living with his parents and eating 50 cent spaghetti. Saving money is generally a good thing, but too much of a good thing can be hazardous, too . So now whenever people say that I am stingy I say to them, “well, let me tell you the story of my ex-boyfriend, his cheapness is award winning …”

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cialis tadalafil tablets

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.18.07 at 7:42 pm

Are there any theaters these days that still have cheap tickets? The only one I can think of AMC AM Cinema, which is something like $6.50 if you watch a movie before noon on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

It seems like if you eat 25 cent spaghetti everyday, you’ll get sick. Granted they are healthier than instant noodles, it seems like you still need other nutrients. Maybe he took vitamin pills, but those are a bit pricy.

When I grew up during the CA drought, my parents told me not to flush either. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down. Even shortly after the drought I didn’t flush out of habit. If you live in an apartment complex that pays for water, flushing doesn’t cost you anything then.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.18.07 at 8:36 pm

You made me laugh so hard.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.18.07 at 9:01 pm

Very funny post!


cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.18.07 at 9:03 pm

@Kaisen: Thank you for that extremely informative comment. My ex ate other things too, but the staple of his diet was the 25 cent spaghetti. I think Cinelux ran a few more discount theatres in San Jose too, but none of them were $1.50. I think there was one that was $4.50 or something.

@laoma: calm down.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.19.07 at 9:56 pm

Funny post!

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.19.07 at 10:26 pm

yup, my ex read it and said “it’s a little exaggerated, but not completely untrue”. He thought it was funny too.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.21.07 at 11:02 am

It’s so hilarious that you submitted it into a contest without his acknowledgement. Nonetheless, there are just some things that you can’t change in us guys! Lol

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.21.07 at 8:23 pm

[...] thing because in China sons are especially coddled. One woman read my story about my “Super Cheap Ex-boyfriend” and said that she’s very afraid that her child will return home and mooch off of her. [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.25.07 at 8:23 pm

[...] Baglady wrote about her SuperDuperUltraCheap x-boyfriend. This guy puts Mr. Cheap to shame, and I have to agree with Baglady that she made the right choice. [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.26.07 at 1:58 am

[...] Baglady showed up is the Festival of Frugality #93 at Money and Values. The featured article is “My Super Cheap Ex-boyfriend”. I made a note that my boyfriend is really cheap, and it goes beyond frugality, and this article [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.26.07 at 2:08 am

Now if only he did all this stuff to protect the environment and donated like 80% or so of his income to charity, I’d marry him. :D

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.26.07 at 2:18 am

LOL I think he’s saving for a downpayment, but he’s buying the house just for himself.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.26.07 at 5:00 am

The guy missed the point completely. Your money should work for you, not the other way around. It’s like his whole life revolved around making sure his money lived a full and happy life. I’m frugal, but my frugality has a purpose. I want money to cherry out my MGB and take trips.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.26.07 at 1:44 pm

[...] My Super Cheap Ex-boyfriend posted at xynny.  This post is pretty funny.  You can take frugality too far. [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.26.07 at 8:16 pm

Haha, your ex-b/f showed me this blog about him. Man I thought it was cheap before, but now I really know. I think he’s saving to buy a house, which is why he lives at home, it’s important to him, otherwise I think he would live somewhere else. Good post, things I never knew this about him.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.26.07 at 8:18 pm

Yeah, he’s quite proud of himself so he’s showing this post around!

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.28.07 at 3:08 am

[...] Bag Lady tells a story about her Super Cheap Ex-Boyfriend. Was that a [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.29.07 at 2:03 am

[...] Baglady wrote about her SuperDuperUltraCheap x-boyfriend. This guy puts Mr. Cheap to shame, and I have to agree with Baglady that she made the right choice. [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.29.07 at 10:31 am

I wish this guy was a woman so I could marry her :-) .

Is water that expensive in the Bay area that not flushing saves much money? A lot of people don’t flush at cottages (“if its yellow, let it mellow. If its brown, then flush it down”), but that’s more not to stress the septic system then to save money.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.29.07 at 5:20 pm

Just think, Mr. Cheap, if you marry him, you’ll never have the expenses of either children or birth control devices. I say, “Go for it!”


cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.01.07 at 11:53 am

Very funny post! I find it odd for someone to be so cheap, but then again I see him at 40, retired, sipping 50 cent margaritas on a Mexican beach while we’re all at work trying to pay our car and house notes.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.01.07 at 4:59 pm

[...] a couple weeks ago I wrote about my super cheap ex-boyfriend and the article became quite popular. What I found quite entertaining is how people found that [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.04.07 at 9:34 pm

Gee, this seems like perfectly normal behavior to me! If I were younger, he would be just my kinda guy!!

I’m a female physician and make in the mid-6 figures. I cut and highlight my own hair to save money. All my food is free at the hospital (I bring home leftovers for weekends). I rent a tiny apt that is kept exceptionally neat and clean and is furnished very sparsely. (Hmmm . . . I wonder if my parents would let me move home??) I drive an old Honda and live close to the hospital to save on gas. Most of my clothes come from thrift shops or were used on ebay.

My entertainment is completely free since most of my free time outside work is spent reading and researching investment opportunities. I deal in cash only and have invested so well that I could retire now, even though I’ve only been practicing 5 years and love what I do too much to quit yet.

We do differ on the flushing thing. My one splurge in life is water to flush the toilet!!

cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.19.07 at 8:14 am

Diana: Any interest in marrying a cheap canuck? ;-) I have no problem with older women (at least older women who earn 6 figure salaries ;-) )

cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.27.07 at 8:30 am

There is a saying that what goes around comes around, so if you spend money, it will come back another way. It has been true for so far as I know. Don’t be too fugal, you are here for a very short time.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.29.07 at 5:40 am

[...] post by The Baglady about a former boyfriend makes for a lighthearted Monday morning read about how not to save money. He lives with his parents and rationalizes not paying rent because he serves as their ex officio [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.30.07 at 2:47 pm

Thanks, Mr. Cheap, but I doubt I’ll ever marry again!

Just so nobody worries too much about me, I live a very fulfilling and satisfying life. What my frugality buys me more than anything is complete and total freedom to do whatever I want to do.

Just this last weekend, my little brother called and needed to borrow $10,000 – no problem! the check was in the mail yesterday. I helped my grown son with some car repairs last month – $1,200. A dear friend in need got $12,000 cash from me last Christmas – I wrapped it up in a little bank check box with a ribbon! This friend has 2 little kids and got caught in a financial nightmare last fall.

Thanks to my lifestyle, I’m able to be very generous with my family and friends.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 1:00 am

[...] Baglady tells us the story of her super cheap ex-boyfriend. For all of you who have complained about the frugal mindset, here’s a good example of [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 7:08 am

This guy sounds pretty damn responsible to me. He is living (far!) below his means, and probably accumulating ridiculous amounts of money. He could probably be retired by the time he is 40 with many millions in the bank and a beautiful nice house somewhere.

You didn’t imply all the money he was saving was wasted on comic books or anything – so where did it go?

I think this guy is a hero for not wasting his future or compromising his goals on random girlfriends.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 7:29 am

oh he’s mostly just saving it. yeah, he’s very responsible about his money, and I didn’t ask for any money from him. For the most part I was paid more than him. this post was just sort of a silly summary of all the extreme-ish savings tactics he had.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 8:55 am

[...] means tackling issues and putting off events that most are simply not willing to do.  The Baglady recently wrote about her super-cheap ex boyfriend, stating that she was glad she broke up with him [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 9:16 am

To tell you the truth, I quite admire his frugality. I don’t mind cheap dates, but I do mind that he is not eating healthily and may incur the pain of sickness later. If he expect me to eat unhealthily too, to save money, I’d be hurt that he has so little concern for my wellbeing.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 9:19 am

“He could probably be retired by the time he is 40 with many millions in the bank and a beautiful nice house somewhere.”

Ah, so THAT’S what I should be striving for in life… many millions and a beautiful nice house. If I had to live with my parents and eat 50 cent spaghetti every night to do that, I’d gladly live on my own and cook my own dinners and only end up with only a few million and a nice house (not necessarily beautiful).

“I think this guy is a hero for not wasting his future or compromising his goals on random girlfriends.”

What do you consider “wasting [your] future”? Whoever dies with the most money wins? I’d say he’s wasting his present, his youth, AND his health with all that canned/jarred spaghetti sauce every night.

I’ve never had a random girlfriend, so I can’t comment on that. But if we go out, my girlfriend and I split costs down the middle. It’s the experience and thought that counts, not the money. But sometimes spending a little more than $2.50 can open up some options.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 10:07 am

I would like to say that I wasn’t a “random girlfriend”. I was with this guy for three years, and I didn’t say I broke up with him because he is cheap. If you ask him he’d tell you I am cheap too. I broke up with him more because he didn’t really want to commit to marriage and move out of his parents’ house. I think moving out of your parents’ house is sort of important in starting a married life together.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 11:13 am

To Fuzz.
No, I think we should all strive for what is important to us in life. I think everyone agrees someone who lives frugally like this their WHOLE LIFE, is ridiculous. However, I strongly believe in the idea of sacrificing today to win tomorrow, and I suspect that is this guy’s mindset. If HIS GOAL is to retire by 40, more power to him. But I realize I’m making assumptions without knowing the guy or his motivations for being cheap.

I consider “wasting your future” not as he who dies with the most money wins, but that focused intensity achieves goals – and the less you focus the less you reach goals. So, if his goal WAS to retire by 40, then he is undermining his own plan by going on extravagant dates, or paying for expensive rent or cars when he doesn’t have to. Kind of like if you goal is to look like a fitness model, then you probably shouldn’t eat Oreos even if you like them.

I am certainly not against having fun, or expensive dates, (and I certainly don’t want to eat $.50 spaghetti every night) but I appreciate the (Dave Ramsey) notion of “Live like no one else, so *later*, you can LIVE like no one else”.

Also to the original poster, I didn’t mean to imply you were some fling. The ‘random girlfriend’ terminology was a bad choice of words so I apologize for that.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.02.07 at 10:30 pm

[...] the story about my super cheap ex-boyfriend got a 4th wind this week since it was linked on one of the MSN Money Central blogs and then linked [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.03.07 at 3:00 pm

He could have filled some container with water and left it in the toilet tank. You actually don’t need all that water in a filled tank to flush.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 11.17.07 at 2:14 am

[...] bought. It’s also good to return things you don’t want as soon as possible because my cheap ex-boyfriend returned an ugly scarf to Old Navy way after Christmas and the scarf was discounted to $2 and he [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 12.01.07 at 8:27 pm

[...] 原文:"My Super Cheap Ex-boyfriend" [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 12.15.07 at 9:03 am

[...] was the worst year of all seven years, and the cheap ex-boyfriend was this class. Companies cut down the starting pay drastically and people had no choice but to [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 12.20.07 at 9:33 am

Oh I totally feel your pain. Penny pinchers can be really rough, especially when they won’t flush the toilet. That’s just nasty!!! LMAO! Come check out my site if you like to vent.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 01.02.08 at 9:10 pm

[...] a couple months ago Get Rich Slowly linked my story about my super cheap ex-boyfriend and thousands of people read it in a matter of hours. After that I received an email from a guy [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 01.11.08 at 11:53 pm

[...] So today I got an email from Lynn Truong of  inquiring if I would like to join them as a writer.  I accepted after I figured out what they are all about.  I have read the blog before but never really thought about writing for them.  Anyway, I set up a profile today and submitted my first article here. This article came from a discussion I had with a friend about what would happen if the entire United States is as cheap as me or the Super Cheap Ex. [...]

cialis tadalafil tabletson 01.21.08 at 8:21 am

I have problems with you objecting to him using public transport, and trying to save water – the other things are somewhat frugal, yes. But really, not polluting the ozone with the luxury of a private car when there’s perfectly good (and FREE) public transport? Saving 8 liters of water every time he doesn’t flush the toilet (some would say needlessly)? Shame on him!

cialis tadalafil tabletson 05.06.08 at 6:11 am

I had to laugh. This was pretty funny.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 05.31.08 at 10:29 am

LOL!! Sounds a lot like my ex-boyfriend, an engineer.

I remember the first time I asked to use his bathroom and he hadn’t flushed. Come on, man, you could’ve since you knew I was coming, at least. He also was rent-free, BTW.

not that I should talk… I work for the fam company on the side to pay a low rent to my parents right now.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 06.13.08 at 7:20 am

All I have to say is….wow! Now I’m Asian like you, and we’re known to be cheap, but geez, we’re not half as cheap as this guy. Glad he’s your ex!

cialis tadalafil tabletson 06.21.08 at 10:29 pm

sound like my gf – y do the guy always gotta pay 4 everything – girls 2 psycho about money all the time

cialis tadalafil tabletson 10.16.08 at 8:23 pm

Sounds like my now ex as of tonight. Never been married; no chilren; no dependents; owns four homes in California; parents passed away and gavie him financial support; lived at their home until then.
I owe the IRS $1600 this years, in two days, it’s not much, but if I don’t pay it, they could charge me $40,000 because I filed an OIC last year with the and they had waived the $40,000 on the conditions I am NOT late this year.
I need to borrow $500. My ex bought a BLENDER FOR $400, but God forbid he LOAN me $400 to save me having to pay $40,000.
He just told me he’s not going to change..find someone else. lol! I said, yeah, well good luck living with YOURSELF the rest of your life and I hope YOURSELF keeps you nice and warm and fuzzy at night, all alone in your home, and at the holidays. Eh, he’s cheap with me, he’ll be CHEAP with everyone.
Besides, who wants a man that thinks he’s SOOOOOO perfect that he doesn’t ever have to compromise or be considerate or thoughtful in a relationship.
Well, that is right….he’s never been married….duh.

cialis tadalafil tabletson 07.26.09 at 4:12 am

I would assume he has amassed a considerable amount of wealth?

cialis tadalafil tabletson 09.05.09 at 9:09 am

Oh my goodness… this is SO FUNNY! To repeat Alex’s Question #50, how much do you think he’s got now?

cialis tadalafil tabletson 04.20.10 at 9:10 am

BagLady – I need your help! I’ve read a couple of your posts (good stuff by the way!) and you seem like a reasonable girl and that’s what I need right now … the advice of a reasonable girl with a bias towards fiscal responsibility. My girlfriend is graduating with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy next month and I’m having a personal finance crisis of conscious (diamonds or not). Read my post “Personal Finance and … Bling?” for the whole story. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. The last thing I want to have happen is her to chronicle my cheapness in celebrating the occassion in a blog years down the road. That’s why I’m reaching out to you!

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