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I think most personal finance bloggers have heard of marketed as the peer to peer lending site where people act as banks. Well, I have been a member of Prosper for six months now and made a total of 6 loans with a total value of $300.64. One is already paid, and the rest are current. I didn’t dump my money all into high interest loans because I knew that renting money is risky business. Here are some of my lending criteria even though I am still a very novice lender:

1. I don’t lend to people that use the money to buy houses or are in trouble with their mortgage. Usually I just stay away from the real estate related listings like “help me save my house!”. The reason is very clear. If they’re in trouble with their mortgage, it’s very very hard for them to catch up, and if they’re borrowing on Prosper for their mortgage they’re just delaying the inevitable foreclosure. Not lending to distressed homeowners was just an instinct I had, but apparently other Prosper lenders have the statistics to back up that homeowners are

2. I don’t lend to people with credit ratings less than D because the default rate is just way too high when people have worse credit ratings. I prefer B and C because I am personally in that credit score range and it’s not because I don’t pay my bills.

3. I don’t like very high revolving debt percentages and delinquencies in the credit report. This is also very obvious. If they’re maxed out and has a history of not paying bills then they’re not very good candidates for paying my money back either.

4. I don’t lend to people who are “reinvesting on Prosper”. The reason is that I did an analysis early on on whether or not I could actually make money by borrowing money on Prosper and then reinvesting, and I found that I have got to be extremely lucky to do so. Apparently other people also did the same analysis as me and found that Also, now there are many stories of “blenders” who are defaulting on their own loans while they’re collecting funds from the loans that they funded. That’s extremely retarded in my book.

5. I don’t really like listings that say they will pay me back faster than the three year period because they are admitting they’re a prepayment risk. I like people who pay on time for the right amount.

6. I do like verified bank accounts and I like people who link up Prosper to their bank even more.

7. I do like some listings where people are trying to consolidate their credit cards or higher interest loans. The reason is that these borrowers are using Prosper the right way. If Prosper is giving them a lower rate than they’re currently paying then they’re saving money, and I am all for helping people save money.

I think even after six months, I am still not ready to pour in large amounts of money into Prosper because humans are unpredictable investments. Also, Prosper still has a lot of things it could improve to make it a better place for lenders. When you loan small amounts of money like me, Prosper is really good just for entertainment purposes. There is a certain level of voyeurism similar to reading personal finance blogs when you read other people’s . I think the financial transparency is what makes Prosper fun to personal finance addicts. Currently there is a pretty good bonus of $25 for being a new lender and funding a loan of at least $50. So if you want to try your hand at being a Bank of One or just check out other people’s debt, you can and I will get $25, too. Otherwise, if you’re a borrower, you really have the upper hand on Prosper and you can wipe out your credit card debt faster with a lower interest rate. Currently I am still adding bits of money to Prosper. Basically every month I add a few dollars to Prosper from my checking account so my account balance ends in zero. I know it’s silly, but I think has potential to be much more than what it is now.

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best generic viagra

best generic viagraon 08.22.07 at 4:10 pm

[...] post by The Baglady Posted in Finance Blog | Trackback | | Top Of [...]

best generic viagraon 08.22.07 at 5:01 pm

Thanks for the criteria. I had not heard about the people trying to make money on the spread.

I had considered Prosper at one time because of the high returns. However, after analysis, it seemed I would lose much of the return with 1-2 defaults. Thus, it didn’t seem worth the effort.

If you are willing to share, what has been your experience with defaults and late payments?

best generic viagraon 08.22.07 at 5:10 pm

Hey Super Saver, I have not had any defaults and late payments yet. It’s probably mostly due to the short length I’ve been on Prosper and the small amount of loans I have. Also, I said that I don’t plan to invest much in Prosper right now.

best generic viagraon 04.10.08 at 11:00 pm

I think that you really can judge people by the way they comment different stuff. Some people, even expressing negative thoughts, are still polite and they respect and understand other people. Some people are not even trying to be nice, they just don’t care. I think self-confident person will always act nice, no matter what other people do

best generic viagraon 05.25.08 at 11:29 am

I have my own personal finance blog but have not heard of before. This is a very interest concept and something that I will definately look further into.

Do you know if they have had any problems with scammers or phishing with this site yet?

best generic viagraon 06.02.08 at 10:01 am

Thanks for going into details about I heard about them on another blog and was considering joining but now I surely will join as part of my financial plan is to invest in mortgages… with I can start with as little as $50 (that’s so cool!).

I will heed your warnings and insights though. Thanks again.

RPM Millionaire

P.S. I hope I’m not commenting too often on your blog but you got a few posts that interests me… kep up the great work.

best generic viagraon 08.08.08 at 1:36 pm

These are interesting criteria. At first I was also doing this kind of analysis to find the ‘good’ borrowers. But recently I’ve done some analysis on the actual loans over the past 2+ years, and found that one could have over 95% current loans with very little work. The secret? Low balance. Really – that’s it! The rest takes care of itself. And you can lend to just about any credit grade, although personally I stay with D or better.

best generic viagraon 09.03.08 at 8:55 am

The problem with UNSECURED DEBT in America Today:

1. Many people are choosing to live DEBT FREE, doing so means your Credit Score is no longer of any value to them.

2. An Unsecured loan is just that, unsecured and if the borrower should CHOOSE to stop paying the debt there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO THEM.

3. Collections, is a JOKE. They can call the borrower (the borrower will simply CHANGE THEIR PHONE NUMBER). They can send nasty threatening letters (The borrower can simply shred them because NOTHING will happen). They could take the borrower to court, (If the borrower is like 95% of Americans, they will have ZERO NET WORTH and NO ASSETS so there is NOTHING to sue them for. In fact, Sueing over debt is POINTLESS and SUPER EXPENSIVE for the lender.

4. All someone would have to do is get a prosper loan, withdraw the money from their bank account and start celebrating the FREE MONEY they just got off the SUCKERS who invest in something like Prosper.

In todays America, people are very mobile. This means they could TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN to another state and start a NEW LIFE very easily. At the worst, they would have a small mark on their credit that says they never paid. Big Deal.

best generic viagraon 10.28.08 at 6:34 am

I have been lending on Prosper for a little over two years now and have followed some of the criteria you posted as well as some of my own criteria. I have only invested $50, the minimum required, in any one loan to diversify my risk. While nothing is fool proof this has worked for me. I invested about $400 initially and then started reinvesting ALL of the return, which allowed me to reinvest approximately $50 every 4 to 6 weeks. Due to early repayments, I have been fortunate enough to recover the initial $400 and any funds at risk are essentially reinvestment funds. I have had two borrowers who have been delinquent. One was a good risk and made a payment before 30 days passed. Since then the lender has been current. This month I have one delinquency about 15 days. I have emailed through Prosper inquiring if the borrower has a problem but have not heard back yet. This loan has about half the principal paid so if the borrower defaults I will lose approximately $25. My current average rate of return is slightly over 14% but a failed loan or loans will affect that return. I’m not sure I would put more than $400 or $500 of my own money into Prosper but reinvesting has paid off for me. Right now, Prosper is in the process of developing a secondary lending market. So, if you want to sell your portfolio or part of it because you need money quickly, you should be able to do that. Otherwise, you wait for the 36 months to get repaid the loan and interest you’ve paid out.

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