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viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

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viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

The motto of the Baglady Budget is: viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg I consider the past to be the total debt you have accrued. Since you already spent money you did not have in the past, you need to pay it off in the present. The future is long term savings, a retirement fund for yourself or a college fund for a child all qualify as the future. The goal is basically to live every month with less debt and more savings.

So it actually works more like a savings plan or debt elimination system than a budget. First, you write down your total savings under “future” as a positive number, and then write down your total debt under “past” as a negative number or 0. Then, you can categorize your spending into three basic categories: viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg, viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg, and viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg Needs include things like housing, food, automobile expenses, and healthcare. These are things you absolutely need to spend money on. Wants include all types of entertainment, including games, new clothes when your old clothes are fine, or a new car. These are things you don’t need to survive, but would like to have. Gifts include donations to charity, or gifts for special events such as birthdays and Christmas. The total of the needs, wants, and gifts categories should hopefully be less than your monthly income. If you spend more than you make, it is still helpful to see how much you are spending in each category, and you might change your lifestyle to accomodate your income.

Next, record your actual spending and saving at the end of the month. If you are under budget in the wants,needs, and gifts categories, the money saved can be rolled over to the next month in the same category, applied towards your future, or used to eliminate the debt of the past. If your debt has a higher interest rate than your investment accounts for your savings, generally you would want to pay the debt first. So eventually the absolute value of your past should get smaller and the absolutely value of your future will grow. Sometimes you do want to keep the categorical budget rolled over to the next month so you have a mini savings account for that category of expenses. For example, if you don’t give gifts every month, you can still budget 50 dollars for it every month, and at the end of the year you will have a nice Christmas fund.

So what happens if you overspend in any category? Your savings would be smaller or your debt grows, which may not hurt you at all in the short term, but in the long term, too much debt and too little savings could definitely kill you when you no longer have enough to satisfy your basic needs. I think of the Baglady Budget as a financial weight loss plan. Too much debt, just like too much weight, can crush you. Just like any diet, you need some personal discipline to stick to the system.

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

This is our current budget breakdown without revealing our actual incomes. The percentages are in terms of gross income:

Needs: 28% including housing, food, automobiles, insurance, utilities
Wants: 2% includes entertainment, games, movies, gaming peripherals
Gifts: 10% donations & other gifts

Past: 0 We are currently debt free
Future: about the same as 1 year gross income so far, and contributing around 30 to 40% of gross income to it per month in various accounts like 401ks, 529s, bonds, money market, and individual investment accounts. The rest of the money goes to taxes.

My fiance is always responsible about his money and balances his accounts regularly and managed to pay off his car and school loan completely and buy an engagement ring. So I am very proud of him. Yet, he hates my budget because he feels it’s restrictive to his spending on games and other entertainment. In actuality, I think it gives him more purchasing freedom in the long run. So far we have recorded our combined entertainment spending for 5 months now, and we didn’t go over the budget once. The Baglady Budget allows roll over of unused funds in a liquid fund, so now we have enough in our “entertainment fund” for something bigger than just a single game or movie.The Baglady Budget basically creates guiltless spending because the money is already earmarked for entertainment. The Budget definitely changed my fiance’s purchasing decisions. He looks for things on sale instead of buying it at full price, and is more patient in his wants, though he still complains that I dampen the shopping experience for him.

For us, life events such as having a child or purchasing a home could change the budget dramatically, but at least we are saving as much as we can right now. I think people of any income can adapt this system to their situation.

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

This post is the beginning of a series of articles about my love-hate relationship with California, and especially the San Francisco Bay Area. I have lived in the Bay Area for more than ten years now, and most of the major events in my life are happening here and that is why I have a lot of strong opinions about this crazy place. So here it goes.

Reason number one — viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

The most obvious taxes associated with California are the state sales and state income tax. The sales tax in California is anywhere from 7% to 9% depending on the county you make the purchase in, and the individual income tax is tiered from 1.0% to 9.3%. Unprocessed foods are untaxed, but restaurant services are. So on average, just the state taxes cost somewhere between 10% to 17% for a Californian. Compared to states where there are no income or no sales tax, Californian’s purchasing power is lowered just by state mandated taxes.

The next big tax in California dealt by many homeowners is the property tax. California’s property tax is actually not very high. limits the amount of property taxes Californians pay to only 1% of the assessed value of the property. Lower taxes should be a good thing, but in my mind it actually creates a lot of inequality. For example, if I buy the condo I am living in today, I would have to pay approximately $8000 a year in taxes, but my landlord, who bought this place in the 1980s, only pays $1325 on his taxes. This tax law in California greatly benefits corporations and landlords because as long as their corporation does not change name, they can still enjoy the benefits of the lower assessment.

Finally, what I consider a hidden tax is the federal income tax. You may say, wait a minute, don’t all Americans have to pay according to the same federal tax rules? Well, yes, but Californians receive less in federal funding than the federal taxes they pay. According to The Tax Foundation, on average, of federal tax the state contributes to the federal coffers. California is considered a huge “tax-donor” state. So by living in California, we’re paying for the construction of other states when the money could be used to improve infrastructure in California. The worst thing is, a lot people aren’t aware of this fact, and I’m not sure how they would feel if they found out that 21% of their money went 500 miles away to a school in New Mexico, the state that receives two dollars in funding for every dollar contributed.

I am sure there is another whole array of California taxes that I don’t know about, but they’re all making the cost of living here a little more unbearable. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like our tax dollars are well spent. So I end this with a haiku:

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

(as of this writing a dollar is worth about 11 Mexican pesos)

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

In exactly one month, I will be married. I originally budget the wedding at $7900, but it seems that I was too optimistic. Here’s our current cost breakdown:

Expense Type Cost in US Dollars
Engagement Ring 4600
Wedding Bands 648
Reception package 9500
Attire for bridal party ~1300
Invitations ~300
Gifts/Favors ~1000
Flowers ~300
Photography 1500
Honeymoon 3740
Marriage License 78
Total ~23000

In Northern California this is considered a fairly cheap wedding, but it’s still costing more than my college education and it makes me sick. Even though the money came from the generosity of our parents, it’s a bit hard for me to swallow. My mother came to the realization that modern American weddings are scams when we went into an alteration appointment for my gown. The seamstress was very pushy and asked for more than $300 to hem my dress. When I said I didn’t want to do it anymore, she said, “Listen, this is your first time getting married right? There is a process you have to follow. You have to spend money on all of these things, because that’s part of becoming a bride.” Frankly, I don’t buy that crap and my mom didn’t either. She sat down in the car and said, “This whole wedding thing is a SCAM!” Then she hemmed my dress for me.

My future hubby doesn’t like it when I say that weddings and diamonds are scams because he thinks that I don’t care about our wedding. I do care about our wedding, but I care about the days beyond our wedding much much more. The sheer pageantry of modern weddings used to be only reserved for royalty, but now people are saving and even borrowing money to put on these extravagant productions. For example, my mom’s coworker is attending a destination wedding that costs more than $200,000, and the bride is paying for it with a cash-out refinance of her home. Is it really worth it to take on that much debt for one day of being harassed by relatives you barely know while wearing extremely uncomfortable clothes? I really don’t believe so.

Love is free, so getting married should be free too. My parents got married in China by registering at the government, and taking a photo together. Their marriage is not any less meaningful than the marriages of those who had spectacular weddings. If I had my way, I would have saved most of the money for my future child’s college fund and go on a longer honeymoon. However, the wedding is mostly for my fiance, and our friends and family, not for me. Hopefully, it will be a fun day for everyone attending. I know I will be getting heat hives from the wedding dress…

Quick Factoids:

Cost of a wedding in Northern California:

Cost of University of California, Berkeley:
4192.25 per semester (When I attended in 2001 the tuition was and I had a $500 per semester scholarship, and the government says there’s only 2% inflation? Anyway, that’s another rant.)

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

If you’re a patient consumer, you will get some good deals because practically everything you can purchase goes on sale at some point. Most people are familiar with browsing the Sunday ads, or braving Black Friday, but there are also sales on things other than clothes, food, and electronics that are important to be aware of.

  • People on Sale — No, I’m not really talking about prostitutes or slaves. During any economic recession or depression, labor is on sale for pennies on the dollar. We’re currently enjoying historically low unemployment in the United States, and employers are actually competing for good workers and thus raising salaries. It is even possible that some people are overvalued. Right now is actually a great time for employees to save as much money as they can because once a recession comes, there will be massive layoffs and many people will go on sale for half off or more. Conversely, the best time for a company to hire the most skilled people is in a recession, because they are getting the most value out of their purchase. Ofcourse, humans have free will, and can leave once they get a better offer, but at least the company could have used the best people to help it through a recession at the best price possible.
  • Housing on Sale — If you want a home to live in, then the current rental market is on mass discount. In California it’s common to be able to rent a home for half or a third the cost of mortgage. If you want to buy a home, you have to be patient and wait until they go on sale or dig for a deal. Many homebuilders are already offering discounts and incentives to attract buyers to new construction. Buying a used property is kind of like going to an antique shop, there is really no perfect standard for the value of an antique, but it’s possible to get an appraisal with good research. Also, it’s possible to haggle for a better deal than the listing price. For most people, a house is the biggest purchase they will ever make in their lives, so it makes perfect sense to search for a sale. Unfortunately, for the past few years there has been a frenzy to snatch up real estate without much thought to getting the best value.
  • Companies on Sale — There are many books written about value investing. I will not pretend to know more than what I read in books. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is a classic on this topic. What he wrote in the 1930s still applies in today’s market. In my opinion the current US stock market is overvalued, but there are many good deals in other countries.

Some may argue that the time and effort spent on tracking down sales is not worth the discount received. This is true in some cases. It probably isn’t worth the time and gas to drive to a store 20 miles away for a 3 dollar discount on a bag of rice, but it might be worth the effort for someone to do this for a 300 dollar discount on 100 bags of rice. For bigger purchases like a house or an employee, you can afford to wait for a sale and the pay off for your patience and research is likely to be very significant.

viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg

My friend and roommate Cathy told me the story of a Texan baglady who walked into a high end department store and attempted to shop, only to be ridiculed and finally escorted out. It turns out that she was an heiress to an oil dynasty, and in her bags she had wads of cash. As a result, the department store lost the business of her entire family and now educates its employees to treat every customer with courtesy no matter what they look like.

I’m not that baglady, but I understand how she must have felt to have a lovely afternoon ruined by discriminatory salespeople. She did not feel the need to flaunt her wealth, but she knew she was able to afford anything in that store. Ironically, because she did not display her riches, she was unable to spend her money there. On the other hand, the store is definitely in the wrong to alienate a lady with bags. Neither parties got what they wanted, but at least the baglady made the world a slightly more shoppable place for all of us.

In this money-obsessed culture, it’s hard for many of us to find a happy balance between frugality and frivolousness. This is the place for me to share my baggy thoughts and tips on how to be happy with what you have and also to bag on everything I loath.

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