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canadian viagra

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canadian viagra

This post is the beginning of a series of articles about my love-hate relationship with California, and especially the San Francisco Bay Area. I have lived in the Bay Area for more than ten years now, and most of the major events in my life are happening here and that is why I have a lot of strong opinions about this crazy place. So here it goes.

Reason number one — canadian viagra

The most obvious taxes associated with California are the state sales and state income tax. The sales tax in California is anywhere from 7% to 9% depending on the county you make the purchase in, and the individual income tax is tiered from 1.0% to 9.3%. Unprocessed foods are untaxed, but restaurant services are. So on average, just the state taxes cost somewhere between 10% to 17% for a Californian. Compared to states where there are no income or no sales tax, Californian’s purchasing power is lowered just by state mandated taxes.

The next big tax in California dealt by many homeowners is the property tax. California’s property tax is actually not very high. limits the amount of property taxes Californians pay to only 1% of the assessed value of the property. Lower taxes should be a good thing, but in my mind it actually creates a lot of inequality. For example, if I buy the condo I am living in today, I would have to pay approximately $8000 a year in taxes, but my landlord, who bought this place in the 1980s, only pays $1325 on his taxes. This tax law in California greatly benefits corporations and landlords because as long as their corporation does not change name, they can still enjoy the benefits of the lower assessment.

Finally, what I consider a hidden tax is the federal income tax. You may say, wait a minute, don’t all Americans have to pay according to the same federal tax rules? Well, yes, but Californians receive less in federal funding than the federal taxes they pay. According to The Tax Foundation, on average, of federal tax the state contributes to the federal coffers. California is considered a huge “tax-donor” state. So by living in California, we’re paying for the construction of other states when the money could be used to improve infrastructure in California. The worst thing is, a lot people aren’t aware of this fact, and I’m not sure how they would feel if they found out that 21% of their money went 500 miles away to a school in New Mexico, the state that receives two dollars in funding for every dollar contributed.

I am sure there is another whole array of California taxes that I don’t know about, but they’re all making the cost of living here a little more unbearable. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like our tax dollars are well spent. So I end this with a haiku:

canadian viagra

canadian viagra

canadian viagra

(as of this writing a dollar is worth about 11 Mexican pesos)

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canadian viagra

canadian viagraon 09.14.07 at 7:37 pm

Come to Texas (no state taxes) — we’d love to have you!


canadian viagraon 09.19.07 at 4:04 pm

Don’t go to Austin. It has become a mini California. I thought I got away from the attitude, but nooooo! Time to back up and move – somewhere MTV hasn’t done a “Real World”…yet. By the way, Las Vegas is no different.

canadian viagraon 09.19.07 at 4:04 pm

make that “pack up and move”.

canadian viagraon 11.04.07 at 8:34 pm

OK, how about Dallas? Dallas definitely isn’t a ‘mini California’ and Baglady won’t catch any California attitude here. And, I kind of doubt that MTV would ever film a “Real World” in Dallas — it’s just not a hip enough of a place for the MTV set.

canadian viagraon 11.15.07 at 10:40 am

I am looking for a job away from California. I was born and raised here. However, the cost of living is sucking me dry. Every penny I make goes into bills. We have no car payments and credit card bills. The house payment, gas prices, fees and taxes bleed me dry. Reading the paper is depressing. I always see our state and local leaders talking about projects that will reach into my pockets. Every other member of my family exited several years ago. I should have followed. When the house sells……..see ya!

canadian viagraon 06.24.08 at 8:15 am

Well what do you expect in CA really? The CA people keep voting in all the liberals who want to tax everything and then tell you what to do. Nice place to visit but that is about it. With any luck CA will succeed from the union so the rest of the nation can move on with the likes for Hollywood ( i will never understand why anyone cares what a actor has to say, a utterly useless profession). So yeah if I lived there I would move too, the weather is nice but that is about it.

canadian viagraon 06.29.08 at 11:34 pm

totally agree with Ralph. Not much here except nice weather, and that gets boring after a while. Also, bad air pollution, mean rude people, bad drivers, etc etc.
can’t wait to leave CA!

canadian viagraon 07.01.08 at 11:32 am

OMG! I friggin hate California. I have been trying to get teh heck out of here for a year. This state sucks, too many people, the cost of living is so darn high. Anyone that wants to come to California is insane. I can’t wait to get out of here at the end of the month. I will never come back to this horrible state.

canadian viagraon 08.03.08 at 9:41 pm

I’m in So. Calif. Crowded, 2 big wildfires in 4 years, unemployed for over a year now. I’m sick and tired of the great weather. Give me a t-storm anytime. Hope to move back to the Midwest soon. It just cannot be soon enough.

canadian viagraon 08.04.08 at 11:04 pm

I love my state. Nebraska may have state income tax and rely on property tax as well as send more money to the Fed than we receive, but we have great people and anyone can be employed here. We have a low unemployment rate (about 3.5% so far this year) and low cost of living (food is far less and rent is cheap). There is no taxation on food, energy is inexpensive, and despite the coastal views of the real midwest, culturally we are further ahead than one might think. I just love a slower pace of living. I think its real living. If you want a good job, take a look at Nebraska.

canadian viagraon 08.30.08 at 9:32 am

This is a response to everyone’s comments in a whole. For start, all of you who have not lived OUTSIDE of California have no reason to complain. Try living in Texas, where it’s extremely hot and Humid, wages and salaries are terrible, people are fake more so than California, they treat you like crap if you’re from out of state and Texas is 5 years behind in everything! I am a Southern California Native and I would give anything to go back to California. I complained like all of you when I lived There! You would come to appreciate California if you moved to another state. Don’t move to Texas, it feels like you’re in hell.

canadian viagraon 09.09.08 at 3:59 pm

I’m originally from St. Louis, MO. In 1987, during the great Oakie migration West to Cally, I arrived in Marin County, Novato. Great gravy. I went to heaven. I paid for my education at Cal State Chico. A 3.1 GPA for a BS. I could not get a job for 5 years. In February, 1999, I moved back to t6he craphole that is St. Louis. I hate KKKalifarnia in that I could not ever enjoy all that is in the SF Bay Area. I would have moved, eventually, but just for a few years in the earlu 1990s would have been grand. In other words, “California State and all that’s in it should burn and die.”

canadian viagraon 09.16.08 at 12:56 pm

This is for CHRISTINE:

So, Texas and Texans suck, eh? How exactly are they fake? Is it because they have manners and say things like thank you? California, where I have lived due to the job I have, is a horribly boring place, unless you ski or surf…or are some sort of weirdo and hang out with weirdos in the Bay…everything is overpriced, even with the wages people make out here (look up the price of rent in San Fran some time, but if you are not from CA, be prepared to think you got the wrong website…you didn’t, it IS that high!) They regulate EVERYTHING here, making gas prices too high because of the eco-nuts (don’t cross them, they’ll get you with their goon lawyers and state-appointed functionaries)…this state has been going downhill for a LONG time, but who knows when it will hit bottom…I’ve got less than two years left, and then I’m relocating to Texas, bugs, weather and all…

canadian viagraon 10.31.08 at 10:18 pm

We hate Califoria too. last time we were there these darn californian call us bunch of red necks cowboys back in 1988. Now we live in Savannah Tennessee and we been living here since 1990. We use to live in Nashville tennessee but these darn californian turn Nashville into a mini Los Angeles California. We been all around the southern states and I dont know why these californian have to target the capital of the southern state. for examle like Austin Texas, Nashville Tennessee, or little Rock arkansas. These California dont accept our southern culture and these idiots try to bring there problems to other states. today with the economy problem there’s been more darn californians moving to Tennessee so that means that we will move more south were these californians wont reach us.
You know what will be the best solution is, Vote california off the union because who needs california when other states could produce thing that california can not even do.
Especially with these wetbacks that steal target that hell hole california. We also hate hispanics because majority of these california suporter are bunch of hispanics which most of them are here ( the U.S.) as unilleglly residents. you might also want to blame them why california sucks and has a violent, unfriendly and coruptive society and atmosphere.
Just look at that stupid unillegal Mayor of los angeles california Antonio Villaraigosa. he should be deported back to mexico for the sake of this country. What he wishes to do is turn california into mexico. every thing that comes out of his mouth are lies of improving Los Angleles. That is a sign of California being invaded by wetbacks. also look were he’s from. Antonio Villaraigosa was raise in a country that has a government that dosent give a dam about the people and that country is cooruptive.
Do we really need that for the U.S.. California is being invaded by unilgal alliens from across the border. Beside what goes back to California 99 percent of the time are hispanics that have no papers nor documents. That might explain why we and others are part of the minuteman. The future of california is going to turn out to be like these corruptive country Mexico or Guatamala. We should save the U.S. from this. Our best solution is join the minuteman . must of the people in california that call us rednecks and hicks were hispanics. Gangs have increase due to hispanics moving to differnent place and giving there unfriendly attitude. were they start off is in california then spread all over the U.S.. We hate hispanics allot
We should work as one nation and get rid of these hispanics because they are to blame why california has the worst education state board and the increasing of crime. They do not respect our authority. we say get rid of the wetbacks and that might be a good thing . beside the only years california had a friendly atmosphere was back in 1975. the former residents that use to live in california were friendly, open minded and were communicative. The popution was mostly
europeans during those years in california. These darn stupid ignorant wetbacks stold that away. We are anti hispanics as well.
Please join the minute man we want to improve this country.
Years ago these western state did not had a high school
state exam like california or the one in oregon for high school students to be eligible to graduate. these wetbacks are to blame for that. these wetbacks even screwn up the colleges and universities in the western states . Were ever these hispanics go they destroy. These hispanics are a cancer, they are a deises.

The biggest mistake ever existed in the history of mankind are hispanics and we should do some thing about it. What we would recommend is to build a giant wall like the one that use to exist in Germany. put machine guns in top of the giant wall that well extend from texas to california. The wall needs to be tall about the size of the giant wall that germany use to have . recruit a dozent border partol and soldiers to stand guard and build a army base camp.
when they see a wetback looking at the giant wall bording U.S. and mexico wanting to cross it unillealy,
they will need to do what is nesecary to protect the U.S.. We should protect our country, we should not let this country turn to a third world country due to these wetbacks.
join our organization the Minutreman. deffend the U.S.
fight off the unillegal alleins, show them whos boss.
protect our border. protect each of these 50 state. We are as one union. as a union We run together. America wasn’t founded by these wetbacks, The U.S . is not for these stupid, ignorant ungreatful wetbacks . The U.S. is the home and land for us true U.S. citizens . we founded this country and we run this country. and aint no darn stupid wetback will do something about that and that’s the bottom line son.

once agian please join our organization the minute man and make our country proud and have a better more enlightenment future to come.

canadian viagraon 11.01.08 at 10:09 am

I agree with these cowboys. The last time I was in California with my friends in the summer of 1990 we saw these unillegal alliens boycotting on them wanting there citizenship then a fight broke out. as what I saw the first person who start the fight and throw the first punch was the bold head mr clean unillegal alliens that mighted been a mexican or any of these wetback country.
When I use to live in California which that was back in 1988 these wetbacks start destroying all of these beautiful community like Huntington Park, Downy and down town Los Angeles. Right now I live in Columbus Georgia and I been living here since Janruary of 1991.

Most of the reason why I left California was because of these wetbacks form across the border. That boycott that occur both in 1966 I believe and in 2006 of these wetbacks not wanting to be deported back to there wetback country was bull
reason why they boycotted was to skip school and have fun time saying lies in the streets. I am a minute man my self along with my neighbors that are aldso minuteman. I do like california but my problem and what I hate about california are these unillegal alliens.

They try to make them self look tough but when they are in there mid 30′s as a retire homeboy they later say dont join gangs will you know what I say “F U!”

I have no compashion nor sympathy for these hispanics. and that is true what the cowboys said of these wetbacks going back to California. the last time my neighboe was in california and that was back in 2005. they saw allot wetbacks driving back to Calfornia with everything packin up. when these wetbacks say that “oh we build your house and roads” do we really need that when yet country like the UK, Austria or France didnt need these wetbacks help to design there building and tower. These country even produce things with out these wetbacks help. We could do that as well in the U.S. Who needs these wetbacks from across the border.
I dont need them and I could assure you that we would go on better what out these wetbacks.
These unillegal alliens are also to blame for our econmoy problems we are having. by far we are not having that much of that problem in Georia.
For me the solution is the same solution that the cowboys want and that is getting rid of these wetbacks and patrol an secure our border frontier.
Dont let these wetbacks tell or full you with lies.
Look at Los Angeles, that city was at once beautiful and had allot of beauty every where you could go.
what destroy that were the wetbacks.

Join our orginzation the minute man because we want
is to protect our country from these wetbacks.
Please join our organzation.

canadian viagraon 11.01.08 at 11:32 am

Come to Tennessee. We are Texas older brother. we have entertainment, a city like Austin which is Nashville. we are just like texas but older.

Dont wait, come to Tennessee ( no state taxes)
We love to have you in tennessee.

Come in live in Tennessee.

canadian viagraon 11.05.08 at 2:12 pm

I was raised in CA, and now as an adult I begin to hate it and am very glad I moved away. Though now I’m planning a wedding there and I hate dealing with the Snobby, flaky, entitled, Bay Area and Sonoma County people. People seem perky and nice at first, but they’re actually swindling you with a smile. They regulate everything there making everything so expensive! One example, we’re looking at caterers, they want us to pay the service staff the equivalent of $40/hour each. Are you kidding me? Not to mention a service fee. There’s a living wage and then there’s gaurging the consumer. It’s cold and frowny on the east coast but at least people are honest. They tell you exactly whats going on even if you don’t like it.

canadian viagraon 11.26.08 at 8:13 pm

I right know just arrived to South Carolina. the neighborhood looks nice and the people seem to be friendly.
I just came from Los Angeles California to South Carolina, and dam when you compare California and South Carolina, South Carolina is a million time better then California. My Cousin lives in Columbus south Carolina and they give him good payment,

as of now I aready have a job close to Charleston South Carolina. The people in here drive friendly and respectfully. You could feel the friendly environment in south carolina.

I pretty much thing I’m settling down to South Carolina were they have more opportunity then California, pay good and have good, and easy friendly enviroment.

canadian viagraon 11.26.08 at 8:43 pm

howdy yall. I turn 83 years old about a week ago and I steal feel like I am 30 years old, I hate california yall, About 29 years ago I left California because they didnt treat this Tennessean citizen with respect. I was born outside of Union city Tennessee. I been leaving in Cleveland Tennessee for over 29 years. The people in here are more friendly and respectful. Yall Californians are rude to us Southerns. I had a friend from Amarillo Texas who left California about 4 years before I left California. His explanation is the same reason why i lef california. Right now he live outside of union City tennessee.Why is it that yall californians have to head to Nashville Tennessee and Austin Texas and turn these cities into a tiny Los Angeles California.

I never go near to Nashville because the last time i was at Nashville, It was a tiny California, I have also learn from my neighbors that left austin that austin seem to be a tiny California

hick even Steve said Austin is a mini california.

Us tennesseans have been around longer then yall have.

Tennessee is my home state. We help out our brother Texas , that why we are call the volunteer state.

Yall should all go back and stay in california.

as a tennessean citizen, I dont accept nothing from california, I am a proud Tennessean.

I was in the army back in 1959 and my military base was close to Nashville Tennessee. I serve my state tennessee and fight for my state.

canadian viagraon 11.26.08 at 9:09 pm

I totally agree with willie, these 28 years living in California sucked allot. I am originally from Memphis Tennessee. tennessee is way better then California.
I have friends from california, arizona, new mexico, texas and from colorado that are heading to knoxville tennessee.

The houses in Tennessee are big huge mansion that have cheap prices and a huge packyard with a swimming pool.

When will you find that in California.

Right now I live in knoxville tennessee.

As what willie said “Tennessee is my home state”, it also applys to me to. I am one proud tennessean.

canadian viagraon 11.26.08 at 9:38 pm

Why is it that you tennesseans and texans hate california. ask yourself these questions, which is the riches state, were does your food product comes from and were do you find the most businness in . I could assure you that a place were you find eastern, western, northern and central thats were you find business coorporation, accredited univeristies and a good economy. Just look at New York , Massachusetts California, Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois and Colorado. These states have good reputation, world wide recognize universities an colleges. these are states are the central area of resources, education, and coorpotations.
Now let me ask you a question, what do you texans and tennesseans have to offer. I could assure you that you arent the central of anything thing that only exist in the center, north, east and west.

You guys should learn to adobt habbits and culture. Isnt that why this is call the land of democracy and opportunity.

We should work together as one nation, thats why we are call the United States of America.

canadian viagraon 11.27.08 at 9:31 am

um this is barry luther and I just fall Carnal Cool direction on heading off to Tennessee, and damn Tennessee is way , way, way better then california. I just must to Memphis Tennessee about a week ago. You could kind feel a fun time enviromrent, or as the way Carnal Cool said it, You could feel a party time environment. tennessee is a good place to film TV shows. Tennessee has everything that you will never find in that crap hole california. Come to Tennessee, Pack your bags and leave that crap hole california. I did, and dam what felt good was leaving California and entering to the state of Tennessee. Tennessee would enjoy having you around.

canadian viagraon 11.27.08 at 10:37 am

This first comments are for Christine, Why is it that California is the only State that makes big deal about Celebierties and uninteresting subject when yet New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washnigton and Conneticut dont do that. Secondly Why is it that yall california are so patriotic of your crap hole state that compare to other states, California sucks. thirdly is’nt california the only state by far that is losing more residents then any other state. Maybe it might be because they are sick of California. Now this is for Gerald, So you thing we should live in a democratic society, will look at California, there are more drop out students, more crimes committed then any other state and more vandalism cost by gangs. Also dont these homeboys say LA is homeboy city. I use to live in that crap hole California back in 1992 and that was my worst nightmare living in.. I been to al 50 states and I would California is the worst of the worst. the people are unfriendly and rude. I moved out off california then move to washinton, Illinois, then indian then North Carolina and One thing I have notice is that the people in these states seem to be friendly. I used to live in other states before heading off to california and they were way better then California. I am currently living in
chattanooga Tennessee, the people in here seem to be more friendlier and respectful. most of these people who arrived to Tennessee from alifornia say that Tennessee is way better then calfornia. I agree with them, Tennessee is better then california. the lowest level I could reach is california. LA and California is my
worst nightmare that could happen to me. Its hell living in California.

canadian viagraon 11.29.08 at 6:21 pm

Leave california. I did and it felt good. I live in montgomery Alabama and it is better then california. I hate california. I will never go back to California. Down in Montgomery Alabama, the people are so nice and friendly. Better then these Californians. I am living in paradise down in Montgomery Alabama. A big house and a good job that pays good. That will never exist in California. It can not exist california and never will.

Screw California

Those who love california has to be pop out in the head.

canadian viagraon 12.15.08 at 9:51 pm

I left a comment here a few months ago, and now I have to add to it. For anyone thinking about moving here, please do yourself a favor, and stay away from SoCal!!
In less than 3 years I have experienced more rude, self-centered people than I ever did in more than 40 years in the Eastern part of the United States. I have met people here who have lived here for many years, and live here mostly because of the nice weather rather than a sense of home and family (which is sad), and even these people recognize that this place is not friendly. SoCal puts on a very pretty face, but underneath it all is a seething cesspool of darkness than permeates everything.. I am a WORSE person for having lived here. Leaving in a few months. As soon as I get across the state line I will be a happier person.

canadian viagraon 12.25.08 at 5:32 am

I’m not feeling Los Angeles no more also. I love the ATL and Jacksonville Florida more I plan on moving to one of those cities. I’m tired of the rude people here to caught up in Hollywood I can care less about what Actors are doing I think that is very overrated. I can’t wait to get out of jail I never been to jail but being in this city of Los Angeles give me an ideal of what jail is like this city sucks.
And Y’all can have these superficial Los Angeles women also.

canadian viagraon 12.25.08 at 9:28 pm

The end of the year is coming which is good. I spend the whole entire stinkin year of 2008 in cheap boring CA. Good new is tommorrow I am moving to Greenwich Connecticut. I expect to arrive to Conneticut January 1 2009. Im originally form Boston Massachusetts.

These Californian are liars. I remember last October 25 of 2006 these stupid californians sended me a brochure of nice houses and apartments in California. But the neighborhood I live in California had in unfriendly enviroment. Too much drive by’s and crap I never dealt with in the upper east coast. Also most of these californian were rude and unpolite. I dont understand these CA people.
Will anyways, I know Conneticut is much better then California. The people in Conneticut are nice and socialized, also you make more money in Conneticut then you do in Stupid California in a live time.
For next year, if you hate California do yourself a favor and leave. You would’nt want to spend your next decade in that horrible state of California. I am so excited that I am leaving that stinkin state of California and moving to Greenwich Conneticut.

canadian viagraon 01.05.09 at 8:23 pm

WOO dude, Double C had a blast last night in New York City. Especially in the new years of 09.

Double C party for almost 5 days.
Good news is Double C is living in New York City. This city is a blast

Will happy new Years for bagLady and everyone else

Now what Double C will be doing in 2009 is be in New York and stay in New York. Party 24/7 in Times Square and all around New York.

Double C will never go back to CA , oh no. Double C predicts that these CA loosers will take over Nashville TN. Dumb Nashville TN looks like CA. Stupid CA.

Will anyways Double C has to get back to the party time in New York City.

Wooo, Double C is surffing off.

canadian viagraon 01.07.09 at 6:08 pm

I moved out of california in January 5, 2000. haven’t been there since that year. I moved to California on may of 1980. I am not really a californian. I remember these 20 years living in California were fun. I left california in 2000 because the economy was going bad and the place were I used to lived in had allot of residents moving to different states. I now live in the upper east coast of Boston Massachusetts. One thing that I loved the most of california was the desert parties that they used to have, (from 1990 to 2000) I remember all the dancing, the techno music, everything. It was fun . Today as what I have heard of, those parties don’t exist anymore. I dont thing I will never go back to calfornia. Especially with these un illegal immigrants that has to play that head depressing song of rancho or reaggea. Almost all of my friends that left california where tired of those un illegal immigrants, living with them. This might be some of the reason why california is losing citizens.
hopefully sooner or later California might improved
to its old original self, These un illegal immigrants will
go back to there country (Mexico, central america, south america) The true old californians citizens might come back to california. Lets hope this year 2009, many un illegal immigrants will go back to there own country. If this does happen, then there might be a possibility of me going back to California and my friends going back to California. Maybe even those who hads left California last decade might go back to California if these Unillega aliens go back to there own country.

canadian viagraon 01.07.09 at 6:28 pm

I havent been to Cali, But I been to Nashville. Most of the people who live in nashville are from CA. I have heard that nashville is becoming a CA. Willie even said that Nashville is a mini California. I dont live in tennessee. I visit tennessee anytime I want to visit. when I visit tennessee, I mostly go and visit Nashville. the city looks like Austin. I also been to Austin texas as will. for me both of those cities are the same. those 2 cities are control by californians. Luckily the city were I live in is not control by californians. Will I dont hate ca and I dont like Ca, Ca for me is nothing, just a state. i will never live in Ca. As what I have heard of, CA really sucks. Will when people say CA sucks, I guess they are right because they have a point to hate Ca. The only time I speak with ca people is in Nashville or austin.
Maybe one day both Nashville and Austin might turn to cities residing to California.

canadian viagraon 01.09.09 at 7:37 pm

I understand that almost everyone in bagady hates california. I used to live in Los Angeles califonia from 1990 to 1995. I left CA then headed to the south. The states I used to live in from 1995 to 2005 was Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina. One thing I could tell you is that these 10 states are the same in everything. Same mentality, living standard, culture, attitude, everything is the same. One major thing these 10 states have in common is that the citizens thing that there state is there own country. Also, I swear that these southeners are full of pride. When I used to live in California, I didnt find that attitude. Right now I live in the capital of New York and you dont find that attitude in New York as will.

what I have realized during my traveling year is that when you go to the North, East, West and the Center, of the U.S. you dont find that southern attitude. the attitude you will find is friendliness. (allot of good qualuity you could say.)

To like the south , You have to be arrogant, machismo, full of pride, stupid. You have to be like E.D. Who is so patriotic about the south. I bet you that E.D. living standard is full of pride, arrogants, missery, machismo and poverty. I used to deal with people like him in the south and I swear that they are full of crap. They are what we call hicks. I dont hate California. What I hate is the southern states along with the southern people. In these southern states, Most of the womens are hicks, cowboys, hillbillies. (You could say the trash of this country.) If you are highly smart, you like having party time or fun time, You like civilization in a city, I would recommend you dont go to the south because these southeners dont understand nothing of those things. They dont know how to do nothing pretty much. In the south, what these southhern people are reliving is the pass, (From 1855 to 1980). This is true what I am saying. If you dont believed live with these southeners.

These southeners like E.D. are so stupid that for them
they dont know the difference between a car and a horse. Also these southeners depend on a coropration like Wal-Mart for thems to survive. With out Wal-Mart who knows what would happen to the south. One thing is that these southern states dont share money with other states and they dont produce food at all. The fashion in the south is being a stupid cowboy, redneck, hick, ranchers, trailar trash, and a gay metro sexual. No wonder why they made that move “Broke Back Mountain”.

This is how these Southeners speak
“YA’LL better go out,” “Them Kids,” or “Darn it YA’LL”.
Red neck language is’nt it. Is like what they say, to see how horrible hell is, you have to be there and see it for yourself just how horrible it is. The south is my worst nightmare that it made me realized that not all part of this country is good. some parts are full of missery. Just like the South. Amazing is’nt it, how these southeners are, Just like E.D. I don’t like people like him because they are full of crap. A very stupid arrogant southener is how you could describe him

canadian viagraon 01.09.09 at 9:10 pm

I just finish reading your article Dean.
Most of the things you said were true. I have lived in california for 10 years and I moved out in 1990. When I moved out of California in 1990, My family told me come to Florida, and I did. For me Florida sucks allot. Then I follow my cousin direction on heading to Georgia and man, that state georgia suck allot just like Florida. I have done the same thing you Portman have done and that is lived in the 10 southern states you have mention.

You could even pair these southern states.
(Texas and Tennessee)(Florida and Oklahoma)(Arkansas and south Carolina) (Louisiana and Mississippi) (Alabama and Georgia).

These state are congruent (the same) to eachother. (Take for example Nashville and Austin, What these cities have in common is that both of the capitals are call the music city.) This is one thing I hate the most about the south (they are the same Sh*t) and these southern states have a dominant culture.

Maybe that is why racism exist in the south. The women are stupid in the south, and b*t*hes. now I know how hell is. My hell is located in the south. E.D. dumb ass.
You suck. Just as when dean said I agree to.

Your living standard is hell. I live in a better state and city way more richer an better then you do. I dont live in the west nor in california.

You know what you southerners like E.D. are called believed world wide, country boys, or stupid hick’s rednecks cowboys.

You know that comment that goes
” if ya’ll dont like the south, ya’ll could just get out” will for you E.D. this comment would go for you and your own kind of people, “If ya’ll dont like this country ya’ll could just get out”. Now that sounds much better.
You southeners are ranchers. You E.D. and your people are what is found in the Bow’s of this country. You E.D. and your people sucks.


canadian viagraon 01.10.09 at 1:11 pm

why is it that you rednecks like E.D. that are in the south, speak with yall forth tong language and your way of spaeking is like this.

“Howdy Yall, them kids, Ya’ll are bunch of pussy. ”

I been to the North, east, west, and center and they dont speak that forth tong language.

I also been to Canada. Even in Canada they dont use that Ya’ll forth tong language. E.D., Screw you and your southern states as will.
(Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina) You red necks like E.D. are scums and racist Hicks. You southeners are bunch of cowboys, country boys, ranchers, hicks, racist, hillbillies, rednecks just like E.D.

I live in a state in this country that looks at the South like Sh*t. You E.D. and your own southern people are in embarassment to this country . You losser like E.D. also don’t believe in the freedom of speech. Just look at the south, you say F*ck A&M in the south, and you will have your head blow off by one of these cowboys.

What controls the south are these rednecks like E.D. that loves the dominant culture environment. Thats why you southerns speak that ya’ll forth tong langauge.

canadian viagraon 01.10.09 at 10:25 pm

I just arrived from a long vacation.

I been all around the north america continental. In fact I been to all 50 state. I been to North Dakota, Maryland, New york, Conneticut, Maine, South Dakote, Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, North Carolina, California, Oregon ,Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado , Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, You name the state in the U.S. and I been there. I also been to Canada. By far I have met allot of nice friendly people.
The only place in the north america continental were I have met the most rudess, Arrogant , Stupid, unpolite , cocky people are in the southern states of the U.S.

I have read some of Baglady article(I hate California topic) and people, like these cowboys, steve, luther, kirk, Tom hill and E.D. are what we americans call hicks, stupid, people full of patriotic and pride. (full of shit.) These are people that are considered to be calll the trash of this country.
You know in the southern states. The way they drive is by tailgating, they get so close to the person driving infront of them that unfortunately they will cause a car accident. These southerners also drive on the sidewalk like horses. If you dont believe me, go to the south and see it for yourself how these southeners drive. In the south the people are way behind in everything. you could say that these southerners are living the oldies.(from 1980 to 1858)They steal believe in racism, they have that 1980′s metro sexual fashion and these southerners speak like a metro sexual and a cowboy redneck. this applies for the whole south. I have lived in the south and I lasted at least 2 weeks. When I left the south, I felt that all my nightmares stayed and remained in the south. I could now imagine how people that hate the south and leave the south must feel. Its hell. You could say the real south is Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina. Full of cowboys and rednecks, These southerners are a disgrace for humanity.
F*ck each and everyone of these Southeners.
Bunch of hicks country people. where you will find the trashy people will be in the south. The southern living statndards is hell. Who ever loves the south has to love hell as will. Both hell and the southern states are the same. They kill the soul. I had a friend that use to live in the southern states and when he left the south, he described it as hell just like the way I describe the southern states. full of poison insect that these rednecks love. thats the southern environment. I don’t understand these southerners.
These southern people make me sick.

canadian viagraon 01.10.09 at 10:51 pm

Finally it’s 2009, finally I moved out of the southern states. Finally I moved away from these southern rednecks cowboys. Finally I don’t have to deal with that southern arroganr attitude. I moved to Maryland and for me Maryland is heaven. No southern rednecks and cowboys. The southern state for me sucks allot. Full of country boys , Racist groups and organization. You southerners could kiss my ass. You southerners like samuel and E.D. are a joke to this country. You E.D. and samuel live in the bows of this country.

canadian viagraon 01.11.09 at 12:00 am

Oh, so I see you are targetting the south. will I am targeting the south as will. I am a democratic right now. I used to be a republican but when I came to the south, First of all, I realized that I lived in a republican state. The people were red necks, The south for me was like that Fox TV show “King of the Hill”. Full of stupid cowboys. Its missery living with these southerners. I left the south then headed to Delaware. For these southerners they thing every person in this country is a southerner. In the south, the citizens don’t control, the state is the one that controls everything. You know that comment that goes, What the southern state saids that how it goes. It applies to the whole south. These southerners made me a democratic. Any republican that goes to the south will go democratic. The south is were the worst happens. Today I am a fully democratic. People like E.D. are bunch of hicks redneck cowboys.

Even these women from Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina are bitches. These southern womens are bunch of hicks cowgirls that are to stupid to know what is stupid. the southern women are bunch of peaces of sh*t. I am better then these southern people. As a matter of fact I am better then you E.D. Also what these southern people love doing when they have time off is giving the cow a blow job. (Just like E.D.) They end up marrying an ugly fat southern wife that weight a ton that they can not even left her up. The way these southern fat marry women are able to get up is by using a fort lefter truck. ( Most of the times dudes like E.D. would marry a male in the south and it would turn out to be like that move Broke back Mountian) anyways, so what these southerners dudes do is they take there horniness out on a farm animal like a cattle, horse or a cow and these southeners also choke on the chicken while screwing a farm animal. these southern like E.D. are pathetic.
I bet you E.D. would play a perfect roll for Broke Back Mountain 2 . These southenes are so pethetics that for me they are an embarassment to this country or have representing this country. For me the south sucks. The south is the same in everthing, people, living standard, missery everthing is the same. The south is a big giant ranch or Corral. Full of country boys like E.D. that can’t even speak english and at the same time they are the ones that represent the republican politicians. This is how rednecks like E.D. speaks,
“Ya’ll gonna change the Rulz,” F*ck my ass, ” Ya’ll got doup”, “aint I right”, or Howdy Yall”.
Stupid redneck 4 tong language. you southerns are the worst of the worst. What a southern could be describe is a cowboy redneck that things that a truck is a horse.
Who needs the south anyways.
I bet you that E.D. works in a gasolina station like that character from “King of the Hill” and lessons to willie nelson’s and randy travis music.
You southerners are an embarrassment to humantiy

canadian viagraon 01.12.09 at 5:39 pm

I moved to california several years ago. Now I kind of find california boring. Right now I live in Riverside California. I been thinging about moving to Philly because allot of people are moving out of california and never returning back. I used to live in the east coast before heading to California. During these few years in California, I have noticed a decrease in california in the business industry and population. I read an article that the Nissan head courters business of california moved to Nashville Tennesse. Many people in california told me that they are heading to Nashville because Nashville has a californian environment. By far I have looked at houses in Philly and I am thinging on moving to Philly this comming June. I know in philly, Its not control by Californians. I really dont care about california at all. I thing I will be going to philly because pretty soon These cities in California might be abundant and turn into ghost town cities. Even they say that california is the only state in the U.S. that losses more population then any other state. I thing I will be those people that will leave california and never return back to california.

canadian viagraon 01.12.09 at 9:38 pm

I hate the southern states. Full of discrimination, poverty, ignorants, stupidity, and a dominant culture. I left the southern states just last month. I am glad i left the southern states full of ignorant rednecks. I brought a house in South carolina and what the southern state offered me was hillbillies rednecks along with cowboys. I cannot deal with these cowboys and rednecks. these people are stupid and ignorants. Now I know how Clinton felt when He left Arkansas. the states that represent the republican states are the southern states. which is Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina. These cowboys even feel like they are riding a horse when they drive there peace of junk pick up truck. Also the way these southern cowboys lose there virginity is by screwing a horse and a cow. They live like savages. (Ex. like wild savage indians) When ever I talk to a person from the south , they seem to have a arrogant personalty and ignorants. For these southerns, tailgating the person driving infront of you is there way of driving. I no longer live in the south nor in california, I live in New England. for me these southernersare a joke. (they are something to laugh at.) Just look at A&M (Agriculture and Mechanics), Full of country boys attend that campus. Maybe These cowboys and E.D. attended A&M. These southerners live missery. Who ever loves the south has to be extremely stupid. Being sorrounded by Cow boys like E.D. is hell. The lowest of the low is the southern states. Thats were you will find the most stupidest people that could be offered in this planet.

canadian viagraon 01.13.09 at 9:12 pm

So now Bag lady went from I hate Cali to i hate the southern states. Will I hate the south to.
I left Mississippi last week and arrived to Boston Massachusetts. You know much what Dean say’s about the south is true . I moved to Mississippi, by the end of 2006. Mississippi was miserable living in. The insects, the rednecks, everthing was horrible. I remmeber when I used to drive in the road, I used to see allot of cowboys driving through the sidewalk streets like savages. These southern cowboys even say that those are the professional drivers that could ever drive, these cowboys even tailgate while driving there crapy pick up junk. Its embarassing being surounded by these southerners, I also have visited other southern states that for me, it was hell living in them. When ever these cowboys used to speak to me, I didn’t even understand what they were saying. they spoke some kind of a ya’ll forth tong language. This is what I would tell these southerners, “What, What, Speak normal english.” I swear that I will never go back to the south again. to get a better discription of the south, just watch “king of The Hill” because that tv show explain how the south is exactly. Working in a gasoline station with rednecks chewing tobacco ( which chewing tobacco is the most popular drugs in the south.). These southerners disgust me. these southerners are nasty and pathetic. Those are the republican states, those were the state that obama couldnt even win in the election. I even had to go to New York city to be able to Vote for the presidential election because there wasnt any place to vote and everyone was with Mccain. ( Yours truly Francis, was a Obama fan and supporter). beside that , I will never go back to the south, that will be my covenant I will always keep and pass to my generation that the south is the lowest of the low. You could even put these states together because they are the same, they are like twin brothers, here let me show you.
(Texas and Tennessee)(Florida and Oklahoma)(Arkansas and south Carolina) (Louisiana and Mississippi) (Alabama and Georgia).
You see, pair of twin brothers. horrible is’nt it.
Who would want to live in one of these states. A state like this would ruin me. Will I live in the upper east coast and as any other person would scream about leaving the southern state, I will say it for you. THE SOUTH EXTREMELY SUCKS ALLOT !

canadian viagraon 01.13.09 at 9:40 pm

It’s been a year since I left the south. Leaving the south was the best that could happin to me. I remmeber when I was mailed a booklet on big massion in Georgia I was, saying wow at first but I spended a year living in that forsaken state. Sucked allot, especially seeing these rednecks, hillbillie and cowboys chew and tobacco and spitting the tobacco on the wall. it made me want to vomit. Today I live in the north east ( New England), the people in here are nice, friendly, helpful and polite. In the south I met the rudest people I have ever met. I don’t get it, Why is it that these southerners like Willie and E.D. are full with pride and arrogants. They are so proud of there acre land and ranch. In the North east they dont have that attitude. The southern states suck living in. No party, the southern girls are stupid cowgirls and racist rednecks. Now I know how it feels to be in prison or hell. My hell is the southern states. One popular thing about the south is being part of the ROTC and having weapons. All the schools in the south have the ROTC program. I remember speaking to a student from the ROTC program and what he told me was ” My general is always right.” I guess that these country boy’s love orders. If you love orders, perhaps the south would be the best place to live in . I will never live nor go back to the south. To much skin heads live in the south and they can’t speak english.

canadian viagraon 01.13.09 at 10:16 pm

I am glad that finally after 4 years I left the south. To much rednecks, you could say a dominant culture controls the south. ( Which is true) I now live in New York City. People in NYC have class, manners. In the south, these cowboys don’t have class and they cannot speak english. Moving to the south tought me on how to respect a democracy society. In the south democracy does’nt exist. What exist in the south is ignorance, hicks, cowboy, countryboys, arrogants, all the negative stuffs keeps on going on and on in the south. I hate the south, not my environment. So let me get this straight, to love the south, all you need to be is like E.D. and the cowboys (ignorants and skinheads.) You need to speak that cowboy, redneck, hillbillies, yall forth tong language, “like Yall, or, them apples. ” I bet you that both of those skin heads (E.D. and samuel) has to have a low IQ to a (0.0.). Will thats the southern intellegence IQ (0.0). Even a farm animal is allot smarter then these southerners. You know what both E.D. and the cowboys are, ranchers, country boys, hicks, skinheads, hill billies and rednecks, that you will find in that Fox TV show King of the Hill and they love watching that redneck show NasCar racing . I could gauranteed you that E.D. has to be like Hank Hill from King of The Hill who works in a gasoline station. I am glad that I am no longer in the south. So for those of you that live in the south (like E.D. and Samuel)you could all kiss my ass. I am better then yall are ( forth tong language). screw the whole south.

canadian viagraon 01.18.09 at 8:09 am

I can’t stand California because it is TOO compliant with anything Big Government wants. Californians believe in more policing, paying more taxes, waiting for a hand out from the state, banning the right to own any gun, paying A LOT MORE for less, and jumping on any media or political band wagon.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 8:13 pm

I hate the south. To much cowboys, rednecks, stupid rude people pretty much. I am not talking about California and I live far, far away from California. (That a good thing) But anyway’s living in Tennessee for 2 years has been misery. I have realized that this applies for the whole south. Baglady has other emailers like dean and Christian that hates the southern states they lived in. Good new is I no longer live in Tennessee anymore. When you leave Nashville Tennessee, I swear everything goes country and cowboy along with redneck and hillbillies. During I was living in Tennessee, I have visited all the states that Mountie mention ( Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina.) and those states blow. The people (cowboys, rednecks, country losers, hicks, hillbillies, trash) chew tobacco and spit the tobacco in the wall, drink whisky, driving through the sidewalks, and do all that kind of country cowboy crap. These southern people drive like horses. (They live like wild Indians) these southern losers speak like this, “yall gonna change the rulz, is that what yall gonna do.” the southern girls are cheap and ignorant.(better way to describe them, stupid cheap bitch’s raised from the country side) The music that you lesson in the south is country music along with redneck music. I will never go back to the south again. I will never live with those peace’s of trash again. (cowboys, rednecks, ranchers). Just watch that TV Show “King of the Hill”, that show describe the living standard of the whole south. The south is the lowest of the low. Also these southern people are gay, why do you thing they made that movie Broke Back Mountain, because the movie is dedicated to all these southern gay cowboys. The fashion these cowboys in the south dressed is big time gay metro sexual. These southern Fuck tarts speak like this, “Don’t go there girl friend”, “what ever” or “oh oh spagio”. Go to the south and see it for yourself. These southerners and southern people are the worst of the worst, they go out of hand. The south is one big giant, trash can.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 8:39 pm

I hate california. The politicans are corruptive, along with the society. Allot of crime and the people judge you by you intellectualism. I thing california state taxes are a ripped off. Beside I heard, cheap UCLA and UCS are dispread on searching for student. Too bad california has been losing allot of citizens since 1990. I left in 1999. Now I look at Cal as one big giant pit hole. I’m glad I left Cal and I am not from Cal.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 9:06 pm

Will what so good about Cal. The sky is polluted but looks nice (light blue), the beaches are nice but that’s the only thing good about Cal. I left Cal in Dec 27 of 2008 and arrived to Cleveland Tennessee on Jan 1 2009. 2009 will be good because all my problems stayed in Cal. Cal even made me go to an alcoholic. I feel relieve and happy. For those of you that Love Cal, You have to be a loony toon to love such a crazy state known as CAL,

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 9:20 pm

Will now that I left Cali, I am excited. I remember when I left Cali I was singing along with all my buds to cheap cali,”Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, hey hey hey, good bye.” Now that I live 2060 miles alway from cheap Cali I feel super. Yeah screw Cheap La and screw cheap Cali ok. I now reside to Tennessee. wooooo. I will never lay a foot in that cheap state of cheap cali . Bye Bye cheap
Cali and So long cheap Californians SUCKERS!

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 9:54 pm

I hate California. I cannot believe that I have to wait till June the 9th to leave Ca. Sh*t, F*ck that, I am leaving right now. I will not be wasting 6 months in California. Those who live in California have guts. I thing I am going to live with my brother who lives in Mississippi and have him help me out on packing out of California.
F*ck California. you hear me, F*ck California.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 10:07 pm

I understand how dispread all of you are in leaving California. I left California last month and I live in Louisiana. Will they do pay allot in here and the people seem to be friendly. I hated California because of state taxes and allot of other reason. I will never go back to California again. I feel right at home, which it is not California. I am a foreigner to California. I don’t belong in California, and I could assure that those who hate California are a foreigner to California as will. Time will past for those that want to leave California and hate California, You will all one day leave California and feel that you accomplished a goal just what I did. You will feel proud on leaving Californian.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 10:29 pm

Amazing I left KKKalifornia in 1991, I since have lived in Arkansas. Will right now I live in a big mansion close to West Memphis Arkansas and I been living here for 18 years now. I used to live in KKKali, I Left that forsaken state because I hate paying state taxis. I have’nt been to KKKalifornia since I left the state. I remember when I left Los Angeles I felt good, I will never go back to KKali ever again. Hate the people and the KKKali laws. The weather was depressing along with the people. Felt like I was living the great depresion When I was living in KKKalifornia. For those that are so dispread on leaving KKKalifornia then do it, When I left KKKALi and enter the state of arziona, I felt that I left hell. KKKali was the worst that could ever happin to me. Arkansas has been my home since 1991 and will always be my home. Ti’ll this day (2009) I am glad that I left KKKali.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 10:45 pm

I now live in Florida. Better then California. I have always wanted to leave California and now I did. No rude people or California attitude. I hate these Californian. Here in Florida there is no California attitude. (good thing.) I have a job that pay’s allot more then the job I had in California. I am living the rich life right here in Florida.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 11:02 pm

I waited since 2005 to leave California and finally I did. I now live in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is better then Los Angeles, The lady’s are hot, everything is better in Atlanta Georgia. I now feel free from my missery in California. These year 2009, things will go down awful for California, arnie is stepping off as governor, the corruption, and the economy in California is ruin. Good that I am not going to be a part of that show in California.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 11:16 pm

I right now live in Mississippi and I been living in here since 1/5/1992. I used to live in California. I didn’t like California, because the weather was depressing and the state taxes. During those years I was living california, I didnt do not much, State sucks, the californian cities suck, the climate sucks and the people suck. It even give me headaches of thinging of those years in california. I live in downtown Jackson Mississippi and these 17 years living in Mississippi has been better then those years in California. The weather in her is natural, the people are nice and they pay allot in Mississippi. Jackson Mississippi is way better then boring depressing California. California is not for me. I will never go back to california. thinking of that California state even gives me headaches.

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 11:27 pm

I left California in 2006 and right now I live in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I didn’t like nothing of California, I hated that state along with everything else. California sucks. I bet you this year 2009, there were be more Californian haters fleeing away from Ca. I am happy I live in the O. K. city. No Cali attitude exist in the O. K. City and we don’t buy that Cali attitude along with that cali laws and cali environment. In the O. K. City I don’t pay state taxes which is good. Oklahoma Will always be better then California. The mansion in Oklahoma are bigger then the one’s in Beverly Hills, Man screw Los Angeles. They should call LA (Los Angeles California) the city of LOSER!

canadian viagraon 01.24.09 at 11:36 pm

I moved to Texas and i feel great that I am out of Cali. I don’t have to waste my money for state taxes nor other californian stuff. Its true what they say, Texas is better then California. California is to strick and has allot of stupid people living in that state. California for me is a land that will one depart from the continental from a big giant strong earthquake that will be strong enough to tore california off the continental. I hate california allot. Everything in california including the state, I hate it. California sucks.

canadian viagraon 01.26.09 at 1:30 pm

Last week I got an awful sore throat and I got a high flu. When I enter Los Angeles thats when I started getting these symptom.Then I got cured on friday, and then I got beat up by 10 thugs in a tavern bar, and with the pounding they gave my head with a bat, I now got pulse concussion syndrome. You know were this all happin in? If you say Los Angeles California, you are right. Stupid city has violent unpolite rude people. This was the tenth and last time I got screw in Los Angeles California. Will at least I don’t live in California which that the good point of view. I will never go back to California again. I don’t even know why we even need California. California is the worst that could ever be and always will be the worst of the worst.

canadian viagraon 01.29.09 at 7:13 pm

I was told about a month ago that I was losing my house for foreclosure in California. Now I guess I am in the processes of leaving California. I Had a good run in California. State was weird thought. Right now I am moving to Montreal Canada with my Uncles. Montreal Canada is nice, people are friendly and nice. They pay good in Montreal Canada. I don’t thing I will never go back to California. The state doesn’t really care about its Californian people moving out of state. I am not from California, I am from Philly Pennsylvania, I was lied to about California. I was told California was nice and so on and so for. But its not, The Climate is weird and the people are rude. Will who ever loves California most love an unfriendly atmosphere.

canadian viagraon 01.30.09 at 10:45 pm

WHY did you Cali people invaded Nashville TN. You Cali people got Nashville TN right in the balls. I tried to escape from that CALI attitude, living standard and people but NOOOO! You Cali had to go to Tennessee and Invade Nashville Tennessee. Now I have to relocate to a place that CALI doesn’t control. I escape from CALI in 1995 but the Cali hunts me ones again. Stupid city should be Called Nashville California or mini California.

canadian viagraon 02.01.09 at 11:06 pm

I left the south, I can’t believe I spended 2008 with these rednecks.
hate these white ranchers, hillbillies, country boys KKK and cowboys, There living standard is full of poverty, misery, ignorant’s, machismo, stupidity, gayness( Broke Back Mountain) and arrogant’s (The whole south, which these are the republicans state).just look at A&M (Agriculture and Mechanics)A horrible campus full of white ranchers pretending to be highly intelligent. Its almost like that TV “Show King of the Hill’. they also speak that ya’ll four tong language. stupid isn’t it, These white ranchers are bunch of jackasses. Also these girls from the south are bitches as well.

canadian viagraon 02.02.09 at 9:26 pm


canadian viagraon 02.02.09 at 9:35 pm

Will its been 14 years since I was in California. I left California in 1995 to help my son attend college at Vanderbuilt University right here in Nashville Tennessee. Ever since then I have lived in Nashville Tennessee for 14 years. I got a job for the Nissan headquarters that moved from California to Nashville Tennessee. They employed me as the person who will travel from California to Tennessee to give meetings and do businesses. Right now I am living rich right here in Nashville Tennessee. I recently brought a house in Riverside California. So what I decided to do is have 2 houses . One in Riverside California and the other in Nashville Tennessee. Sure Nashville might be a mini California, But I love living with Californians.
Sweet isn’t it.

canadian viagraon 02.03.09 at 9:10 pm

I left Cal about accouple of weeks ago. I moved to Hendersonville Tennessee just north of Nashville Tennessee. I find this place quite familiar to California. I heard last week on TV that the city of Nashville TN has an increasing population of Californians. They also said that they will expand the City of Nashville TN bigger because of these Californians arriving right here in Nashville. Many Californians from Austin Texas are also coming right here to Nashville Tennessee. The weather in Nashville TN feels like the weather of California. The city does feel a bet like LA. If you love LA and Austin, then Nashville TN might be the best place to come because the jobs in here pay good and There are allot of businesses and company from California moving right here to Nashville Tennessee.

canadian viagraon 02.07.09 at 5:06 pm

I just learn that cal is a big land missing from Mexico.

Will Screw CAL and screw LA

canadian viagraon 02.26.09 at 7:37 pm

“California State and all that’s in it should burn and die.” I’m sorry but Bruce B. needs psychological help.

canadian viagraon 03.02.09 at 3:03 pm

It is very obvious the same person is putting up all the anti-south posts under a number of identities. They write with the same style, use the same terminology, and make the same grammar errors. It appears this person has some sort of deep-rooted psychological issues and has nothing else better to do but visit this page continuously over a long period of time and post the same stereotyped drivel. The irony of it is, while this person accuses people from the south of having of low intelligence and other negative traits, the content and delivery of their own writing shows they have some these qualities as well. It is possible this person has had bad experiences from people from the south (they refer to southern women as “b*tches” and southerners in general as “hicks” and more), but to continuously post the same anger-laced tirades over a long period of time shows there is an emotional wound that still exists, and this person probably needs to seek counseling. Either that, or they are a juvenile who has periodic access to their parent’s computer and thinks their writing is amusing in some way (it isn’t).

canadian viagraon 03.04.09 at 10:05 pm

I do agree with you in some parts, and in other parts I don’t.

But don’t you thing you are violating the first amendment known as the freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Sure this person might have some personal issues but that doesn’t give you rights to judge them.

Would you like to be judge for sticking your nose in people’s business and issues? I’m afraid not.

You don’t see me criticizing your comments or judging you.

I respect your comments and opinions. You shouldn’t be judging people, Its bad.

If a person post a hate comment, then respect there comment.

I am a democratic and I do respect peoples style, and opinion wether it is bad or good.

I also believe in that thing call democracy, If you want to post a hate mail, do a boycott, give a good or bad speech, go gay then good for you, you have the rights to do so. That is call democracy.

So please respect people personal issues and opinions.

canadian viagraon 03.06.09 at 7:31 pm

How Ironic

This state pisses me off. We throw out Gray Davis because he was a stupid deuche. We elect Arnie because he wants to change some of the broken things in our Gov’t.

Yet, when he tries to accomplish these things, we shoot him down. I really don’t even know why he wants to stay in office.

California gets a bad wrap due to the Bay area and most of Southern CA. Especially the bay area, you’ll only find weirder people in NYC.

I hate how our legislature operates. And it won’t get any better until the voters wake up and pay attention to who they’re voting for.

I’m from the Central(San Joaquin) Valley. The people that live anywhere besides the places stated above are normal, hard working people that are just as fed up with our state Gov’t as you are. And you don’t even live here.

All in all I love this place. We have everything you could ever want right here in our own backyard. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

canadian viagraon 03.17.09 at 7:03 pm

I am ashamed that I wasted a good 24 years being in California and being born in LA. I regret it and I am sorry to Lisa that I am from California.

I left California 3 months ago. I loved driving east to the freeway 10 when the route says welcome to Arizona.

I am living right here in Alabama. I love Alabama, No state taxes. I use to live in Mississippi for a few weeks, then I left and headed north to Tennessee, after that I came to Alabama and crash it with my cousins. I was living with distant family members these last 3 months since leaving California. These states are way better then California, You don’t pay state taxes and the cost of living is extremely cheap.

I remember when I attended USC, I hated that campus, luckily I dropped out. I was not going to waste four years of my time with these Californians. I am way better than these Californians.

I heard that these Californian school campuses are giving special benefits to those students outside the state of California. The benefits that I heard was that it was easier to be enrolled to USC or UCLA and it cost allot cheaper to outer state students to pay for full tuition. Last December, I have notice from the real estate houses of California, The house today are cheaper to buy in California. They are not expensive as the way they were back in 2005 and 2006.
I bet you that they are doing this so they could bring back all the residential that have moved out of California. Will I ain’t going back to LA or California. It’s an embarrassment; it’s a waste of time.
I don’t plan to participate in that party that is going on in California.
Hopefully I am steel waiting to be call up for a job employment located in Atlanta Georgia. If they accept me, then I am moving to Georgia and getting an education degree in there.
There ain’t no way in hell I will ever go back to California. California is my grave yard. I die if I go to California. My biggest mistake and sin of all time was California.
I will never lay a foot or a hair in California
(Punish me if I ever go back to California)

canadian viagraon 03.21.09 at 6:16 pm

Check out the total price of a house in Los Angeles California $591,400

Common its ridiculous. Who the hell would want to pay $591,400 for a hole with 1 or 2 bed rooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms that will have 1 floor only.

How about buying a $900,000 home in Beverly Hills Which the House mighted been built back in the 1930′s or 1920″s.

Who would want to spend $600,000 for a small apartment in Burbank California and watch the mountains catch on fire every single fall.

Good thing I don’t live in California.

Do you thing I would spend $689,000 for a Apartment in San Francisco or $10,000,000 for a house or an apartment in Long Beach, No dam way.

And these Californians wonder why many people leave the State of California and move to another state. Plus don’t forget to add the state taxes and your total cost will be priceless.

California is a rip off.

canadian viagraon 06.03.09 at 10:51 pm

I wish I could be with the old posters when it was there time, this whole thing is really right the california dream is a sham with even california cowbows and they might as well be from the south because it is the south if you think about it. I am from stakesfield, its a small town in california and there are even weirds there. plus cowboys. the taxes will pop your top clean off if you let it but not me. I am leaving the california ”dream” and getting into international waters where I am a soverign man. I dont need a state car licence plate on my ”dreamboat” for I am an indipendant man. I dont now about teneesee or the south of the east us states but from what I read hear on the bag lady I dont want to go now. It sounds like a place full of wranglers wearing cowpokes. not for this jeanwearer.

canadian viagraon 07.04.09 at 12:03 pm

I didn’t know how ignorant, racist and stupid American people can be until i read this blog (Sorry, US people only. America is a continent NOT a country ). I am a computer engineer with a MBA, and I am so proud of being Mexican. I unfortunately had to come to the US (San Diego) and I haven’t seen nothing more than racist and stupid people (I really regret coming). How disappointing this situation is. And I know that after posting this, some ignorant and freakin “gringo” will say: “so, go back to Mexico”and, that is exactly what I WANT and I going to do. At least we have friendly and warm people, we love to be united and give support to the others. You hate Spanish because you don’t even understand it and, at least we are ABLE to learn a second language. We are not a powerful nation by stealing their goods to the other countries and undertaking wars to every country. Maybe some of you guys hate Hispanics and Latin people, but I am gonna tell you a secret you already know but you don’t want to accept. ALL the people in the world HATE you, and it is not because you are “superior” as you might think, it is because you “think” you are “superior” and the truth is that you are just bullshit.

canadian viagraon 07.30.09 at 6:26 pm

I’ve been born and raised in SoCal my whole life too. I’m only 21 but hope by the time 23 comes I can be out of this state.

I don’t necessarily “hate” California. It will always be my home and I will always have good and bad memories here, but it really does have it’s (really) bad points as mentioned above. I’m a person enjoys the slower paced life, nature, and privacy from crowds so it is especially not the place for me.

With that said, I don’t mean to offend anyone (as this is just a personal opinion) but I wouldn’t want to move to Texas, especially Alabama. Most of the people we came across were extremely rude and not doing their jobs, it is bloody hot in Texas, and if you happen to drive through Houston or Dallas, it could be potentially worse than the 405 at rush hour. No kidding.

I loved some of Georgia, alot of Louisiana, Tennessee, and some parts of Florida though.

canadian viagraon 07.30.09 at 6:34 pm

Edgar, I am half british and half filipino. Both sides of my family were immigrants. My grandfather came from the phillipines to work as an engineer because there were a shortage of them at the time.

I think what the posters above might be referring to are illegal immigrants. It’s nice that you feel that your people are united, unfortunately that is largely not the case if you come from a different race. I’ve been largely discriminated against by mexicans because of the way I look. My dad gets called gringo by mexicans all the time when he tries to befriend them, and he married a woman with spanish blood in her. I’m not saying that all mexicans are bad. My best friend is half mexican, but racism can go both ways.

canadian viagraon 08.26.09 at 1:32 pm

I hate everything about this state. The weather sucks!! If Californians ever moved out of state they’d know that. These people though hardly ever move out of state. They have no idea how much this state sucks. It is so boring when it is sunny and 70. That is paradise for a season, after that you realize your in a desert.

I hate the dust that blankets my car everyday and makes my bike chain chunky! In LA the smog is unbelievable! Above the mountains is a certain yellow as if it is a sceene from a bad sciFi movie.

Everything is needlessly expensive. Then there are so many bums, homeless, and illegals trying to wash your windshield, car, grass, landscaping, irrigation, ect. I am not disabled I can do things myself. Why don’t you f**k off and do something useful. Oh yeah they can’t do anything since nobody in the state will hire “certain” people, instead they hire a whitey that does jack s**t and collects 3X what he would get anywhere else. Its just a land of extremes and I hate it. Wash your own car, take a paycut, and stop whining about your taxes. Stop hiring illegals to do your s**t. You are not helping them, you are taking advantage of them. You don’t earn the money you get, you get it since 10 other people have to sponge off of you to buy a taco. I hate this state!

canadian viagraon 08.26.09 at 1:50 pm

You ever try to get anywhere in the great state of California? Another reason I hate California. There are too many cars on the road, and the legislature blocks trains and the metro. So to go 20 miles away is like a 1 hour journey of air-conditioned hell.

Some times it works perfectly. Perfect for people without a job. Maybe that’s why the unemployment and underemployment rate are so high. If its more than 10 miles away forget commuting there. If you do you can join the masses of zombies. One of these zombies plows into another everyday causing you to go insane!

No city on earth is as bad as LA. It doesn’t have to be, but selfish Californians make it that way. They hire the illegals and more come everyday. Surprise! They clog up the road along with people that are forced to commute 1-2h every morning. You could stay at home, but you have to pay for your ridiculously priced home. One that cost the builders maybe $30,000 and $100-300,000/lot, that has now morphed into a $500,000-1,000,000 property of pain. One place that you pay some silly HOA to hire illegals to plant delicate flowers that have to be pulled every 3 months in the California sun.

Everyday there is a hit-and-run where some guy without insurance runs away. Why do so many people put up with this. I think we all are in a daze and secretly hope we will make enough money to retire or move away. They jack up the costs every other day so you never get any further ahead. Why do so many people here buy luxury cars. What a waste of money. I hate LA. Why is everyplace so crappy, but the cars so nice. Along the highway is trash, yet nobody spends some of that lux-car money on a trash pick-up. Why is some guy begging me for money, when some of your lux-car money could get him in drug treatment. Why is some illegal bothering me when you could of closed the border with your lux-cash. Priorities people! A lux-car is stuck in traffic like all the others. Nobody give a sh*t about your car. There are bigger issues!

canadian viagraon 09.30.09 at 3:08 pm

No one hates California as much as me,, sorry.
It was cool in the 80s, now it has gone to hell.
If i get started i will never stop,, i stay because my boy friend is a scientist,, he is paid beans and sees all the good science jobs going to “crap” research,.
He can’t leave so i am forced to stay here with him. I am slowly wearing him down to get out of here though.
The cost of living here is not worth the lousey service you get. I have had people tell me to try to stick it out, but it’s not that easy, I call it the quicksand state… easy to get it but don’t try to leave. Like the Eagles song Hotel California.
Texas is Fantastic,,

canadian viagraon 11.01.09 at 11:24 pm

I hate Cali as much as the next guy. I just had to point out a spending issue in the whole federal tax mention. On the books it looks like Cali pays out more then it receives….however….the money spent on the infrastructure to move(read STEAL) water from several other states to feed California’s is enormous and more then equalizes this equation.

Something funny happened recently. It took 3 years to talk my fiance into moving from Cali. she had lived there for 44 years of her life. Now it has been 3 years since we left. After a recent visit back to see her father, she came home to say…..” there is not enough money in the country to make me ever move back there.”

She now hates the traffic, people, economy, and attitudes of the place. I guess it was’nt just me that realized the stupidity of the place.

canadian viagraon 01.08.10 at 12:42 pm

California is the best, and I can say that having lived in several other states. Texas, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi are places that truly suck.

Have a nice day!

canadian viagraon 02.03.10 at 1:08 am

im from missouri, southern missouri. drove a truck many many years,
hated california D.O.T. .. total jerks.

traffic out there sucks.


mississippi . is fantastic, peoples are super warm and nice,
hate the east coast, richmond and north,
love alabama, sweet home alabama !

ha, i drive an ol’ ’48 chevy pickup, with the dixie flag !!
the south shall rise again !!

and ya’ll know . the show-me state was confedarate !!

yee haww !!! ,

canadian viagraon 02.03.10 at 1:15 am

p.s. u couldnt give me a million dallers to live in mexifornia,
i’ll rather stay here on my farm, the slow life, and no traffic, no citys. ahhhhh !!! its great !!!

we do have a bullseye gas station, n’ a post office, no mexicans here,
its, sweet. ya’ll on the left coast can keep it.

canadian viagraon 07.26.10 at 11:11 am

Trying to convince my husband to move out of Cali. Can’t take the crime, taxes, pollution, and other B.S. that has ruined this state. Looking possibly to move to Texas or somewhere else where there are decent, down to earth people. I am a Cali native and it makes me sad to see what is happening to my home:(

canadian viagraon 09.23.10 at 8:37 pm

I live in Jackson, Mississippi. Lived here my whole life except for a short random move to Kansas.
Last night it was in the low 80′s (which is cool for this hell hole) and enjoyed a nice jump on my trampoline. I came in limping after only 5 minutes; I got bit by a spiderand several other of the mutant e=insects which perpetually fester here. So I guess I can’t really go outside anymore. It also stays this hot till around christmas. I remember most christmas’ I wear shorts.
I’m 18. It was horrible growing up here. The only reason I’m even slightly culturally ept is because I have plenty of northeastern family. People here my age are either hillbillies, or think they’re betterthan EVRYONE just because they have okay taste in music and fashion and are not hillbillies. This makes them just as bad as the hicks in my eyes. I love how around MA there’s people who are normal who are actually nice to me. I can have a pleasant conversation with them. I actually want to be their friend.

My parents are from Michigan. They recently apologized for rasing me here.
I plan on heading to Pittsburgh to finish up college in 2011, I will make it happen. Even if out of state tution doesn’t allow, I wil make it happen.

canadian viagraon 10.19.10 at 2:43 am

Your all idiots, California is more than just Hollywood and Los Angeles, i’m from Sacramento, and it’s a way different world than Los Angeles and Hollywood. San Diego is great, the bay area is great, Sacramento is great, and there are plenty of other places to visit in California, we have everything, all your others states are shit. Cali is the best regardless of our current situation

canadian viagraon 11.05.10 at 2:42 pm

its funny how 90 % of the people who hate California are from texas… unfortunately i live in this piece of shit. ive noticed everyone who hates california is from texas. why? because they apparently have grown up in this piece of shit and has never experienced anything else that isnt “texan”. Texans brag so much about how big their state is, when all it is, is a big piece of country folk two faced texan assholes with guns in their asses. ALso, it is too damn fucken is hell. everybody here is so texan and country everyone says “yall” and i am so fucken SICK of hearing all this hillbilly redneck language, texas is literally a piece of shit in the middle of the US. i was born and raised in Los Angeles, Hollywood and i can honestly say i hate texas with a damn passion and i cant wait to move back to Cali. Texans are so conceited, theyre language is fucking retarted.. people have no fashion sense what so ever, too many pregnant bitches, too much racism, the people here annoy me. TEXANS annoy me, with their stupid fucking annoying conceited selves. i hate all the rules, i hate the weather, i hate how people dress…like christine said EVERYONE IS FUCKEN 5 YEARS BEHIND.IN EVERYTHING!!! i fucken hate EVERYTHING here. there is only one thing i like though, the rent. its cheap…because no one even wants to live here.
im so glad im getting the fuck out of here, and i dont give a fuck if anyone responds with “well then leave texas if u hate it so damn much” because i gaurantee you, it will be a texan fuck. only a texan would defend its own state, because no one else gives a fuck about this state.
i love california. i cant wait to move back, it might be expensive but it is worth it. there is no other place like Los Angeles on earth.. if you don’t like cali its because you werent born there. only a true californian can fit in. i miss the traffic, the non parking spaces, the beaches,hollywood, everything… it is beautiful. so anyone who wants to leave cali (texans) get the fuck out allready!!! that would be great, maybe once all u texan animals are gone it will be a wonderful place for me once again.


canadian viagraon 12.14.10 at 8:12 am

After reading and wading through as many of the posts above that I could, I have finally managed to stop laughing hard enough to type a few thoughts out.

For one, those of you using the word ‘ignorants’ or ‘unillegally’s really, seriously need to learn your own native language, which I assume is English. How in the world did basic grammar escape your life experience? Were you in the shopping malls instead of school? Well, the least you could do is edit and proofread your own posts because it’s fairly ironic for a person who cannot spell nor determine proper case of a word to be blathering about how people from this or that state or ‘ignorants’ ROFLMAO!!!

For two, anywhere you go in this country you will find something to be unhappy about. Adults understand you take the bad WITH the good. This results in you restraining an apparent tendency towards what only sounds like whining. If you’re going to give critiques of a place, at least try to make them sound like intelligent, thoughtful opinions versus internet blabbering.

I have lived all over this country. And I will say that while there are many aspects of the South I enjoy, ( e.g. outdoor life due to less industrial development as opposed to Southern California ), the mindset in the rural areas is far less progressive than what you will generally find in California. And I would also advise that you beware the Redneck Landlord. Southerners are very good at smiling and ‘being polite’, to use the phrase of others here, but this makes them no less wily nor willing to burn you than any ‘Yankee Trader’. In fact, the native rural Southerner take a great deal of pride in having ‘bested’ an outsider. My advice would be that you, from the beginning, read any lease very carefully and any objections discussed BEFORE you sign it. An attempt will be made to put you at ease with a, largely, spirit of false friendship.

And it is true, probably more so, believe it or not, in North Carolina than any other Southern state ( and I’ve lived in all of them ), is overtly racist, sexist, and homophobic. There’s a church on every corner and if you are an atheist, you’d better keep your mouth shut about it or risk being linked with the Devil LOL I have heard the ‘N’ word used openly here more than anywhere else. If you are white, the assumption will be that you don’t like ‘the blacks’ either. Don’t believe me? Pretend you’re not progressive. Wait for them to open up. You’ll hear their TRUE thoughts fairly quickly. And I’ve met men in the South who participated in gay relationships but who adamantly insist that ‘the gays’ are wrong and perverse and should shut up about their ‘lifestyles’. It’s very bizarre in that regard.

Also, as an aside, I’m not sure why some of you insist on attacking Southern women so much harder than you seem to the men. The men in the South are the larger problem, socially speaking. Control freaks, paranoid, hateful, and all while spouting faith in their god aka “Gee-zuz”. There’s no religious tolerance to really speak of. Finding anything other than a Methodist or Baptist church in rural areas will be very, very difficult for you.

The South is also infested with Masons. Their creed REQUIRES them to show preference to another Mason. This results in business started and primarily populated by Masons and local and state politics are heavily loaded with these sorts of ‘brothers’. Pay attention and you’ll see the immense amount of Masonic symbols everywhere from auto garages to courthouses to graveyards and churches.

The upside to the Southern states is a better air quality than Southern California and plenty of beautiful public parks and facilities. Once established as a resident, there are also very helpful state org’s that can assist you if you happen to be hit by bad luck in your life ( which happens to most people, at least once ). South Carolina, where the biggest Masonic lodge is btw, is not, IMHO, nearly as geographically pretty as North Carolina is. SC is a little flatter, but it has some very nice towns with great restaurants and night life.

The cost of living in NC is very, very high. So, although it has many beautiful areas and would be a nice place to raise kids, you are going to get rammed up the backside. One thing Californians forget is that most of the other states, with the exception of Florida probably, experience all four seasons. Winter really is Winter in Virginia and SC, and sometimes northern Georgia. You will pay high energy costs to stay warm.

The upside to the South, though there are some areas that are not very good, ( such as Durham, NC which is considered ‘The Detroit of the South and certain parts of Atlanta ), is that the violent crime rate is low compared to other areas in the country.

BTW, if you go rural in Montana or Idaho, you will find much the same cross-eyed, backasswards mentality as you do in the South. Some of the most outrageous and politically conservative and militant folks make their homes in those states.

I would suggest first deciding what kind of weather can you imagine yourself tolerating? Does cold for months on end bother you? Don’t move to the mid-Atlantic area, or the North. Do high taxes bother you? Same answer as before. Do you prefer a more progressive mindset, one that is not supportive, in general, of bigotries? Stay out West or move to Northern California. Frankly, as far as that goes, just make sure wherever you move that you tend towards the city rather than the rural areas. The rent will be higher but you won’t have to contend with angry little rednecks with inferiority complexes they interpret as ‘Southern Pride’.

And please, if you have any respect at all for the topic or this website, LEARN HOW TO SPELL AND COMPOSE A PROPER SENTENCE!! If you’re not going to do that, then don’t make a total ass of yourself writing about ‘unillegally’s, ( when did that become a word? can you find it in any credible dictionary? if you have plans for college, you’re going to be challenged beyond your abilities and will likely need lots of ‘pre’ classes aka ‘bonk bonk English’ before spending time in core degree classes ), and ‘ignorants’.

And finally, ‘unillegally’s are nothing new to California. Learn some History for pete’s sakes! If the migrant workers stopped doing their jobs, the bottom would fall out of the produce industry over night and the rest of you would whine and whine about having to pay $6 for a bag of apples instead of $3. So THINK about the situation and stop just repeating the hyperbole you hear on the news or coming out of the moronic mouth of guys like Beck and Limbaugh.

The ‘illegals’ are here to stay and I welcome them. They work hard, love their families, and try to improve their neighborhoods. You don’t think so because your standards are different. Go live in Mexico for awhile, and you’ll see how much better it is here for them and that’s why they come. I’d rather, for the sake of their own culture, they stay in Mexico and try to change things. And maybe one day that will happen. I think in a few decades you will see many of them return to Mexico because they will have more affluence and skill, and will likely feel a historical sentiment for it. Regardless, they are human beings and don’t deserve the outrageous, reactionary, frightening levels of hate directed at them.

Don’t be fooled. History repeats for those who ignore it. Germany need a scapegoat during rough economic times and Hitler gave it to them: the Jews. It justified all sorts of horrific, hellish human behavior and is a legacy we are still trying to move on from. I’d hate to see Americans adopt the same mindset and turn on the Hispanic population simply because they are frustrated with their own lives.

canadian viagraon 12.22.10 at 9:27 pm

I have lived here all my life and I agree. It’s a liberal (wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooo liberallllllllllll), high taxed, expensive, low jobs place filled with snooty people and a lot of traffic…………. Businesses are running from the state because of the unreasonable regulations and high costs charged to them… schools are failing (almost last place) & the unions are running the show while the politicians kiss their butts. If there are any good jobs offered, there are hundreds competing and the WORST part is, most of them require that you speak both spanish and English. It does suck. It is so expensive that people can’t even afford to save enough to move from the state and start over in a new state. I would LOVE to move to Texas or South Carolina – California does suck – it sucks so much the GREAT weather we have here is not even great enough to make it a nice place to live anymore. I think we should kick out all the illegals, kick out all the long-term liberal idiots who are beholding to the unions making us BROKE and put limits and volunteer work for all those who collect welfare. Next, stop the incredibly insane regulations that are not necessary on businesses, give them a friggin tax break (so some will come back and the rest will stay), make more charter schools without the friggin crippling unions bossing the state around, cut taxes and sale’s taxes down a bit and add more churches…. then and only then will CA have a shot at being a good state to live in.

canadian viagraon 07.11.11 at 4:06 pm

I grew up in CA and left in the 80′s. I would never go back because the politics are so screwed up. Blame it on the bay area and LA, which are mainly responsible for the flaky politics. These 2 places are also the most congested, expensive, and worst places to live in the state. Some areas of the state are nice, such as the far north (Mt Shasta), and the some coastal areas such as San Diego, and the mountainous areas, such as the Sierras. Too bad we can’t ship the bay area and LA off to Cuba or Venezuela and then it would be a pretty decent state, and then I might consider moving back. Living in WA state and like it much better than CA.

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